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ActiveNav Selects Ascertus As Its First UK Implementation Partner In The Legal Sector

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Ascertus-ActiveNav partnership to help corporate enterprises and professional services firms overcome complex data management challenges 

LONDON, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascertus Limited announces a new strategic partnership with ActiveNav, an unstructured data discovery solution, to help solve the complex data management challenges that corporate enterprises and professional services firms face. Ascertus is ActiveNav's first UK implementation partner in the legal sector. Ascertus provides document and information lifecycle management solutions to law firms and corporate departments in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

This partnership bolsters Ascertus' position as a forward-thinking and independent solutions provider. The company is carefully building a broad portfolio of best-of-breed products complementary to the iManage Work platform, enabling it to offer an unbiased, consultative approach to technology delivery, in tune with the evolving needs of enterprises.

"We continuously explore innovative technologies and services to stay a step ahead of our customers' evolving needs," commented Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus. "This approach allows us to deliver solutions that proactively address customer pain points, business requirements, and risk. Unstructured data is a rapidly growing business risk many enterprises severely underestimate today. We are delighted that ActiveNav has chosen us as their implementation partner in the UK. Together we can truly deliver value to our customers."

With ActiveNav in the portfolio, Ascertus has enhanced its ability to help enterprises solve the ever-growing challenge of managing dark and raw data. The volume of undiscovered and unstructured data that typically exists in organisations represents a substantial business, governance, and compliance risk. These risks are multiplying with the adoption of generative AI technology as the volume of data generation rapidly increases.

"Organisations must proactively manage their unstructured data to comply with increasingly stringent modern data privacy regulations and fulfill their responsibilities as custodians of their customers' data," explained Peter Baumann, CEO of ActiveNav. "As we continue to innovate and develop specialised capabilities tailored to niche markets like the legal industry, we are thrilled to collaborate with Ascertus, leveraging their exceptional delivery and consulting proficiency in the UK and European legal sector to enhance our pedigree of addressing the most complex data challenges."

About ActiveNav

ActiveNav is a trusted partner for law firms and legal departments seeking to achieve "Zero Dark Data." With deep expertise in unstructured data management, ActiveNav helps clients understand and control their data assets to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce e-discovery costs, and improve information governance. Beyond their legal industry acumen, the ActiveNav team encompasses various talents and personal passions. Guided by loyalty, accountability, and communication values, ActiveNav is committed to creating a sustainable future as a proud Pledge 1% member. For more information, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn.

About Ascertus Limited

Ascertus provides information and document lifecycle management consultancy, software solutions, and IT support services to law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services organisations. Based in Central London, the company offers a full range of professional services – from consultancy, business analysis, and project management; to software implementation, training, documentation, and technical support – delivering bespoke email, contract, and document management solutions in on-premises and privately hosted environments. The company has successfully delivered and managed some of the largest iManage Work installations at customer sites, in the UK, Europe, and globally. For more information, visit: Follow Ascertus on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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SOURCE Ascertus Limited

First published on Tue, Jun 4, 2024

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