TechDogs-"2022 Huawei Mobile Innovation & Development Competition Concludes, with List of Winners Unveiled"

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2022 Huawei Mobile Innovation & Development Competition Concludes, with List of Winners Unveiled

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TechDogs-"2022 Huawei Mobile Innovation & Development Competition Concludes, with List of Winners Unveiled"
, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Huawei Mobile Innovation & Development Competition recently concluded after over 2,500 innovative app submissions from more than 5,000 teams over the past 100-plus days. More than 530 student developer teams and over 500 women developers participated in the contest, putting on full display the innovations by young developers and women developers.

Record number of participants, showcasing a vast array of innovations

This contest was held in five global regions: China, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America, and featured record numbers of registered teams and entries.

In the China competition region, Koudai Story won the All-Scenario Coverage Award. The app is supported on a wide range of different devices, including watches, telematics devices, and tablets, to make storytelling accessible at any time. The Student Innovation Award winners included Rehabilitation Housekeeper and WEight, the first of which comes integrated with Cloud Debugging and Cloud Testing and eases rehabilitation training, and the last of which incorporates Cloud Functions and Cloud DB and offers healthy diet solutions.

Other competition regions also attracted premium submissions with enormous social value, which aim to pave the way toward a brighter and more innovative digital future. For example, KonsultaMD in Asia Pacific bridges the divide between patients and medical personnel, and provides high-level health consultation services. GreenIt in Europe counteracts climate change by helping lay the groundwork for a carbon-free future. In the Middle East & Africa competition region, Us And Them helps children with intellectual disabilities receive scientific rehabilitation training at home. In Latin America, Sofie - Red de bienestar provides emotional support for a wide range of users.

Winning apps

Enticing incentives and support for developers, inspiring smart innovations for all scenarios

This year's contest featured an exciting slate of rewards, including special incentives and serverless service resources from AppGallery Connect.

Huawei will continue to support global developers as they break new ground, by providing an array of competitions and incentives, as well as an innovation-centric ecosystem that makes smart solutions more accessible than ever before.

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First published on Mon, Dec 19, 2022

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