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Qlik Recognizes Pioneers In Data Innovation At 2024 Global Transformation Awards

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Award Winners Spotlighted at Qlik Connect for Leading the Charge in Data-Driven Business and Societal Transformation.

ORLANDO, Fla., June 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at the annual Qlik Connect conference, Qlik® announced the winners of its 2024 Global Transformation Awards. Held in Orlando, this year’s Qlik Connect brought together industry leaders to recognize significant achievements in data-driven business practices. Jamie Kiser, Qlik’s SVP of Customer Success and Operations, presented the awards, highlighting organizations that have effectively used Qlik’s solutions to achieve excellence in data integration, AI innovation, data governance, analytics leadership, and global impact.

The Global Transformation Awards underscore the critical role of innovative data strategies in achieving competitive advantages as businesses increasingly integrate AI into their operations. This year’s awards spotlight organizations that are focused on their data foundations and have embraced our technology-agnostic analytics solutions, paving the way for accelerating AI adoption. As companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the winners exemplify how a focus on data can both fuel operational efficiencies and drive significant societal advancements.

"Each winner of the Global Transformation Awards has showcased an outstanding ability to utilize data to not only drive their business strategies forward but also to seize opportunities to make a meaningful impact on their communities and the environment," said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “This year’s winners exemplify the incredible potential of data to foster innovation and lead change. We are honored to support their journey and celebrate their success."

The 2024 Qlik Global Transformation Award Winners:

  • Hilton - Integration Excellence Award: Hilton has effectively harnessed Qlik's data integration tools to streamline data processes across its vast network, creating more than 170 distinct solutions for tackling data integration challenges. By processing and loading over 80TB of data into their cloud data lake and warehouse, Hilton has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and security.
  • Fujitsu - Data Mastery Award: Fujitsu has pioneered the use of data visualization and analytics across its organization. Establishing a 'Data Analytics Centre,' Fujitsu empowers all 120,000 employees with Qlik Data Analytics, promoting a data-driven management culture and increasing operational efficiency through seamless integration with cloud-based SAP solutions.
  • Ingersoll Rand  - Governance Expertise Award: Ingersoll Rand utilizes Qlik to enhance data governance across its global operations. The company’s rigorous approach to monitoring data across the supply chain and environmental sustainability metrics not only improves business processes but also supports robust corporate sustainability efforts.
  •  Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios - AI Innovation Award: Carvajal T&S has leveraged Qlik's AI and analytics capabilities to transform its customer relationship management in Latin America. Their use of Qlik Cloud Analytics in the Prescriptiva solution optimizes inventory management and sales processes, improving customer satisfaction by up to 25% and increasing sales by 24%.
  • Verizon Communications Inc. - Analytics Leadership Award: Verizon Communications utilizes Qlik analytics to enhance financial reporting and operational decision-making. With Qlik, Verizon supports Sarbanes-Oxley compliant reporting and workflow automation, which has led to significant reductions in employee hours and operational costs.
  • Van Oord - Global Impact Award: Van Oord engages Qlik to address global climate challenges through its Climate Risk Overview tool. This innovative application analyzes geo-data to identify flood hazards along global coastlines, supporting proactive environmental planning and community engagement.
  • Avon Institute by Brazilian Senate - Global Impact Award: The Brazilian Senate alongside the Avon Institute use Qlik to combat gender-based violence in Brazil. Their National Map of Gender Violence, a Qlik-based tool, integrates data from multiple sources to inform public policies and support initiatives aimed at protecting women from violence.

Discover more about the transformative journeys of this year’s Global Transformation Award winners and learn how Qlik’s solutions can empower your organization to drive change. Click here for in-depth stories from our customers.

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First published on Wed, Jun 5, 2024

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