TechDogs-"CoinsDo To Unveil Transformative Digital Asset Management Solutions At European Blockchain Convention In Barcelona"


CoinsDo To Unveil Transformative Digital Asset Management Solutions At European Blockchain Convention In Barcelona

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Fresh off a visit to the Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai, CoinsDo, a leading digital asset management solution provider, is headed to the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) in Barcelona for the first time.

Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinsDo is poised to unveil its comprehensive suite of digital asset management tools, marking a significant stride in its European engagement. Having only previously showcased at Token2049 in London, CoinsDo has yet to fully expose their product suite to the European market. However, this narrative is about to shift as CoinsDo steps onto the European stage.

European Nexus for Blockchain Innovation

In its sixth year, the European Blockchain Convention serves as a pivotal meeting point for blockchain professionals from across the globe. Taking place in Barcelona, the convention is focused on stimulating growth and collaboration in the European blockchain space. With over a thousand attendees expected, representing a multitude of nations, EBC remains Europe’s preeminent blockchain gathering.

CoinsDo: Reimagining Digital Asset Custody for a Decentralized Future

CoinsDo offers businesses a robust and scalable suite of decentralized solutions for managing digital assets securely. With products like CoinGet for asset deposits and CoinSend for automated payouts, CoinsDo is perfecting the art of secure and efficient digital asset management. Their solutions empower businesses to handle asset transactions with confidence, fortifying both their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Innovation Spotlight at the European Blockchain Convention

Convention-goers will have the opportunity to delve into CoinsDo’s breakthrough solutions. Stationed at their booth, the CoinsDo team will not only display their industry-leading technology but also offer insights into how businesses can optimize their digital asset management strategies for the decentralized future.

In the words of Weh Ming, Business Development Manager at CoinsDo, "We recognize the immense potential and the supportive regulatory landscape that the European market encapsulates. Thus, we see this convention as a launchpad for us to invigorate the region with our innovative suite of custodial solutions, as well as an opportunity to meet and collaborate with new partners.”

Meet CoinsDo at the European Blockchain Convention

For an up-close and personalized experience of CoinsDo’s revolutionary solutions, attendees are warmly invited to visit their booth at the European Blockchain Convention. Discover the technology that's set to redefine the future of digital asset management.

About CoinsDo

CoinsDo is a Singaporean company at the forefront of non-custodial digital asset management solutions. With a focus on security and scalability, CoinsDo provides the infrastructure that companies and individuals alike require to enter and thrive in the web3 space.

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First published on Tue, Oct 24, 2023

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