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Apica Delivers Unmatched Data Management Capabilities With Additions To Ascent Platform

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Apica Ascent platform 2.0 helps customers tame velocity, volume, variety, and sprawl for observability, machine, and operational data

STOCKHOLM and EL SEGUNDO, Calif. , June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apica, the leader in data management and active observability, today announced new capabilities for its Apica Ascent Platform. Following the company’s acquisitions of data fabric innovator LOGIQ.AI and telemetry data management pioneer Circonus, Apica has integrated capabilities from both organizations into its platform to provide deeper insights into data management. This makes it easier for customers to gather the needed data and seamlessly apply it to their systems and platforms.

In addition to making two acquisitions over the last 10 months, Apica announced $16M in new capital. With this funding, it expanded its Office of the CTO and strengthened its engineering, research, and development teams. These actions are critical to achieving the integrations necessary to announce Apica Ascent 2.0 today.

Enterprise tech buyers face an increasingly complex data environment in the current global landscape. According to a report from Gartner, by 2027, at least 40% of organizations will deploy data storage management solutions for classification, insights, and optimization, up from 15% in early 20231. This exponential growth of data, coupled with the need for seamless accessibility and reliability, presents a formidable challenge for CIOs and Heads of IT. Companies continue to deal with an unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety of data, making it essential to harness this information to drive business insights, enhance decision-making, and maintain a competitive edge.

“Apica is built on the premise of being flexible and meeting enterprise customers where they are,” said Ranjan Parthasarathy, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Apica. “Organizations struggle to manage tool sprawl, so we’ve provided the platform that ensures their legacy and digital transformation strategies work well together. They don’t have to leave their legacy tools behind while modernizing – Apica can help make everything work together to provide insights needed for the business. We regularly hear from customers and in peer reviews that we are easy to implement, use, and manage, and our costs are the lowest.”

The Ascent platform 2.0 is the outcome of Apica’s strategic approach of looking at data management as a fundamental problem that underlies the challenges companies face when dealing with machine data / operational data. The company first introduced the platform in 2022 and focused on monitoring. As customers’ needs changed, Apica adapted to solve their data management problems as a true observability and data management company. Through strategic acquisitions that are now incorporated into the Ascent platform, the company continues to modernize observability. The platform covers a gamut of things, including network, performance, metrics around compute, memory, storage, and file systems, among others as well as gathering application data like logs, metrics, and traces from organizations' runtime applications.

Apica posits that observability is a data problem; therefore, providing the necessary controls to introduce data transformation and cleansing capabilities is essential. This is part of the company’s data management strategy, where customers can now have complete control over their data challenges of growing data volume, rising data cost, and poor data quality.

“Many tools on the market solve the search problem and not the data problem. We’ve been solving the data problem as a fundamental underpinning of our data management architecture,” added Parthasarathy. “And we support an approach that does not stick our clients in a walled garden. With the onset of Generative AI, we now face even more data growth. Customers will also need open-source solutions to keep costs down and avoid a situation with proprietary tech where data is closed off. Apica embraces anything and everything to support ecosystem connectors, enabling open protocols and data collectors to be available in the open ecosystem, and we’re not done yet. We continue to work towards open source to provide the most extensive coverage and help customers control their data better.”

Apica Ascent 2.0 Platform Capabilities

  • Consumer-grade UX with a single pane of glass for all your machine data workflows: Digital User Experience Monitoring, Telemetry Pipeline management and Full stack observability
  • Simplified data storage at scale, powered by our patented InstaStore technology, in any cloud environment
  • Deep integration with open-source software and emerging technologies such as OpenTelemetry
  • Built on open data standards, allowing support for a broad ecosystem of data collectors and data integrations out of the box
  • Powered by AI/ML and Generative AI for rapid troubleshooting

To learn more about Apica Ascent 2.0 here and a deeper dive into how it works here.

About Apica
Apica keeps enterprises operating. The Ascent platform delivers active observability, automated root cause analysis, and advanced data management to quickly find and resolve complex digital performance issues before they negatively impact the bottom line. Today, business operations depend on understanding the health of multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments to keep business-critical applications and systems online while providing an optimal user experience. Apica delivers a unified view of all information for the entire technology stack helping reduce, prevent and resolve outages and lost revenue. For more information, visit

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1 Gartner, Top Trends in Enterprise Data Storage 2023, by Chandra Mukhyala, Julia Palmer, and Jeff Vogel, June 29, 2023.

First published on Tue, Jun 11, 2024

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