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Xendee Releases New Offering for the Rapid Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

By Business Wire

Business Wire
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  • Optimally size your EV charging infrastructure for predictable returns using Xendee’s MOBILITY offering.
  • Optimize designs to avoid exposure to time-of-use consumption and demand charges.
  • Compare different Charging-as-a-Service models and investment strategies to meet organizational goals of added resiliency, reduced costs, and reduced emissions.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#chargingstations--Xendee, a provider of microgrid design and operation software, has released a new offering called MOBILITY that enables firms to rapidly design EV charging infrastructure along with supporting Distributed Energy Resources. With this offering, developers, engineering firms, and EPCs will be able to model EV charging stations for predictable returns and factor in site-specific properties like changing EV loads, time-of-use charges, demand charges, localized incentives, EV specific tariffs and building load tariffs on the same site.

Based on these factors, and organizational goals like reducing costs, increasing resiliency, and emission reduction, Xendee generates an optimal mix of DER technologies and a detailed charging solution for each site to maximize returns. Xendee can also help analyze different Charging-as-a-Service models. Analyses can then be quickly compared to see overall system capabilities and financial projections at a glance based on different levels of investment and technology mixes (EV chargers and DERs), and different site requirements such as the ability to ride through an extended outage.

"Xendee allows engineers, developers and site owners to analyze the many uncertainties in the evolving EV charging ecosystem and generate robust designs and Charging-as-a-Service models to deliver on RoI targets," said Akshaya Gulhati, Chief Business Officer at Xendee. "Xendee’s solution is robust, allowing the user to model multiple parameters changing over time and test different pricing models by type of charger.”

Xendee’s MOBILITY includes considerations for multiple types of chargers, multiple tariffs and new or existing solar PV, battery systems, and generators which could support the charging infrastructure and/ or serve building load.

During the optimization process, teams can instruct Xendee to optimize for different organizational goals or Charging-as-a-Service models. Users can also run multiple optimizations to create a series of easily comparable scenarios that investors and business leaders can select from to meet their environmental and financial goals. Xendee’s MOBILITY can also support sales and business development professionals to run rapid viability studies and help them rank order potential charging sites based on RoI.

“Xendee’s new MOBILITY offering is configured to make the societal transition to electric vehicles reliable and efficient while also catering to the unique needs of each site location,” said Michael Stadler, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Xendee. “This is all tailored to support EV charging rollout with or without utility connection, and to transition to cleaner, more sustainable technologies while still meeting fiduciary obligations to investors. All these new features come on top of the existing Microgrid and Power flow modeling capabilities that make Xendee such a strong modeling tool.”

About Xendee Corporation

Xendee is the new standard in distributed energy system design and operation. The award winning platform enables the identification, design and operations of complex DERs and microgrids. It allows users to rapidly select high potential sites from a portfolio of sites, optimize individual site designs, and operate sites in real-time to deliver on the design promise. Xendee’s software can model up to 25 different DER technologies and calculates the optimal techno-economic solution for each site individually to meet organizational goals. These goals can include reducing costs, cutting CO2 emissions, increasing resilience, or a combination of all three. Learn more about the clean energy platform or take your first steps towards net-zero carbon and reducing your scope 1 & 2 emissions by setting up a call with us at


Jay Gadbois
Digital Marketing Manager | Xendee

First published on Tue, Feb 7, 2023

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