TechDogs-"With “AI Live Posting”, Reply Is Launching A Solution That Redefines The Creation Of Content For Social Media Teams Through Generative Artificial Intelligence"

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With “AI Live Posting”, Reply Is Launching A Solution That Redefines The Creation Of Content For Social Media Teams Through Generative Artificial Intelligence

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TURIN, Italy--(  )--Reply introduces AI Live Posting , a tool based on generative artificial intelligence and automation that supports the creative and editorial activities of social media teams.

At live events, “AI Live Posting” summarizes lectures in real-time in engaging posts. Using artificial intelligence, speeches are transcribed, analyzed and converted into tweet-like posts enriched with creative visuals that can be shared on social platforms or via the event's mobile app. The solution offers flexibility in adjusting the text tonality and style of the generated images, making it suitable for events such as conferences, product presentations or sporting events.

TamTamy Reply has developed “AI Live Posting”, the company within the Reply Group that specializes in the conception and development of digital communities. Social media teams benefit from a new approach to content creation: they can promote events live on various social platforms and thus increase user loyalty.

With AI Live Posting, social media teams increase their creativity, create unique audience-tailored content, and improve productivity. The integrated AI engine, which uses OpenAI and Stable Diffusion technologies, allows users to automatically generate new text and image content and publish it in real time. This reduces the manual effort involved in processing information. The ability to manually check the content via a dashboard and moderate the posts on the respective channels ensures that the consistency of the brand identity is maintained and the speed of publishing content can be significantly increased.

“AI Live Posting” can be used independently of other social media management solutions or in combination with TamTamy , Reply's own platform for digital workplaces and corporate social networks.

Further information about “ AI Live Posting ” and Reply’s generative AI solutions: .

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specializes in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. With a network of highly specialized companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by AI, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the Internet of Things. Reply offers consulting, system integration and digital services for companies in the areas of telecommunications and media, industry and services, banking and insurance as well as public administration.

TamTamy Reply
TamTamy Reply is a Reply Group company that specializes in the conception and development of digital communities, social learning platforms, social intranets and digital workplaces. TamTamy Reply supports its customers in various contexts and areas through its own proprietary social networking platform. This includes the conception of digital communication initiatives, community systems and content management as well as the definition of internal communication strategies and the implementation of introductory campaigns and employee engagement.


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First published on Wed, Jan 24, 2024

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