TechDogs-"Walmart and Tiger Global Backed Ninjacart Launches Agri Export-Import Platform Ninja Global for UAE & GCC in a Mega Event"

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Walmart and Tiger Global Backed Ninjacart Launches Agri Export-Import Platform Ninja Global for UAE & GCC in a Mega Event

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  • Launch event inaugurated by Shri K Kalimuthu, Consul (Economic, Trade & Commerce), Consulate General, Dubai
  • The platform is specially curated for the UAE and other GCC countries’ markets
  • The platform will create an international network of empowered agri importers & exporters and help them to conduct cross-border trade securely
  • With free lifetime subscription, importers and exporters can easily download the app on Android and iOS platforms

TechDogs-"Walmart and Tiger Global Backed Ninjacart Launches Agri Export-Import Platform Ninja Global for UAE & GCC in a Mega Event"
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AgriExport--Walmart and Tiger Global backed Ninjacart, India's leading agri-startup that leverages technology and data to organise the Indian agriculture ecosystem, has expanded its footprint globally by launching ‘Ninja Global’ platform for agri export-import businesses in the UAE and GCC countries. The T4 Agri EXIM Summit launch event was held in Dubai, UAE on September 17th. Shri K Kalimuthu, Consul (Economic, Trade & Commerce), Consulate General, Dubai inaugurated the event and several other industry leaders and dignitaries were also in attendance. Ninja Global is an agri export-import commerce platform that allows exporters and importers to build their networks with credible businesses, gain access to new markets, and expand their businesses efficiently on an international scale.

Noted EXIM industry leaders such as Mr Gaurav Sethi, Owner and Director of Intercont+, Mr. Deepak Gandhi, Head of Sales from Drip Capital, Mr Bharat Thanvi, Co-Founder, Freightwalla and Mr Ankit Goel, Senior Vice President, Modifi were present at the launch event and shared valuable industry insights with the audience. Additionally, over 150+ exporters and importers from Dubai participated in the event. Ninja Global aims to strengthen the export-import market for agri commodities between UAE and India.

The platform is curated to solve the global problem of finding and trading with authentic, trusted & credible exporters and importers of agri-commodities. The platform will assist users in developing a digital identity by easily registering their company on the platform and showcasing their business to potential customers and suppliers. Most importantly, the platform verifies and authenticates businesses on the platform, so one can easily trade with credible businesses across the globe.

Ninja Global's comprehensive suite of services and features includes Ninja Secure Trade (NST), which provides payment and quality assurance services, ensuring traders' highest levels of confidence. The Credibility Journey feature provides businesses with various trust badges based on information provided by sellers/buyers. Additionally, Microsite for Businesses offering ensures a virtual storefront with product catalogues and pricing information, and Freight Forwarding Online Bidding feature makes way for hassle-free logistics experiences at competitive costs for suppliers.

Ninja Global is specially designed for UAE importers to connect with credible exporters in other countries to grow their businesses. Importers and exporters can easily download the app from Android ( and iOS ( platforms. The free subscription app is currently used by 5000+ importers and exporters across 24+ countries and is easily downloadable.

Commenting on the launch of the platform, Kartheeswaran K K, COO & Co-Founder, Ninjacart said, The size of cross-border trade for agricultural commodities alone is around $2.5 trillion, and we expect it to grow by at least 20%. Ninja Global will empower the dynamic market through a variety of services. Our goal in launching Ninja Global in UAE & GCC is to strengthen the export-import market for agri commodities between GCC and India, empower agri-importers and exporters in GCC countries as well as India, and advance our vision of organising the agri eco-system.”

Also commenting on Ninja Global’s launch was Shri K Kalimuthu, Consul (Economic, Trade & Commerce), Consulate General, Dubai, who said, “Ninja Global has solved the most pressing problem of finding credible sellers and buyers, especially in the India-UAE trade route. Currently, traders are facing a lot of challenges finding a genuine seller and buyer, but now thanks to Ninja Global they can trade securely.”

About Ninja Global:

Ninja Global is an initiative by Ninjacart to create an international network for exporters and importers to facilitate trusted trade. We are building a community of curated, audited, and verified cross-border trading businesses. This network strives to create transparency and trust amongst the international trading community. Currently, we serve 5000+ Exporters and Importers across 24+ countries. To know more, please visit

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About Ninjacart:

Ninjacart is India's leading agri-platform, which leverages technology and data to organise the agri commerce ecosystem. Ninjacart aims to be the digital plumbing network for global agri commerce that solves structural problems such as information asymmetry, payment hassles, distribution inefficiency, and discovering new buyers and sellers with tech-first solutions. Today, Ninjacart operates in 150+ markets across multiple agri commodities. Valued at $950+ million in 2022, Ninjacart is backed by Walmart, Tiger Global, Accel Partners & Syngenta group ventures, among others. To know more, please visit


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First published on Mon, Sep 19, 2022

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