TechDogs-"Vroozi Wins Strategic Procure-to-Pay Deal With Global Chemical Leader, Expanding Footprint In Europe And Asia"

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Vroozi Wins Strategic Procure-to-Pay Deal With Global Chemical Leader, Expanding Footprint In Europe And Asia

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Vroozi Deepens its Global Reach in Europe and Asia and Further Validates its Position as a Leading Spend Management Platform for the Chemical Industry with Recent Customer Win

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#P2P--Vroozi, the intelligent procure-to-pay platform, is pleased to announce its recent contract with a leading global chemical manufacturer, widening Vroozi’s expansion in Europe and Asia, and marking a significant milestone in the company's mission to transform spend management in the chemical industry. With its innovative procure-to-pay platform, Vroozi aims to revolutionize the procurement and accounts payable automation landscape for companies worldwide, including chemical companies operating globally that want to maximize the value of their ERP investments such as SAP and Oracle.

After years of success in delivering digital procurement solutions throughout the United States, Vroozi first expanded into Europe in 2013 and later into Asia in 2019, and has since garnered significant interest from global organizations seeking to optimize their procurement processes and leverage the power of digital transformation and modernization. “Our widening expansion into Europe and Asia presents an exciting opportunity for Vroozi to empower companies in these regions with intelligent spend management and automation capabilities,” said Shaz Khan, CEO and Founder of Vroozi. “Our platform is designed for those who are seeking to gain a leg up on competitors by modernizing and simplifying their business purchasing at speed and scale.”

Vroozi’s recent strategic win is bringing its smart procurement and invoice automation platform to a top chemical manufacturing company with locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. “This recent partnership helps build momentum to accelerate the digital revolution in Western Europe and Southeast Asia and scale procure-to-pay adoption for large enterprises across the globe,” said Khan.

The chemical industry faces unique procurement challenges due to supply chain and logistics issues, price elasticity, and adherence to strict quality requirements. Vroozi's comprehensive platform offers a customized approach to address these challenges head-on, providing chemical enterprises with a digital marketplace to streamline their purchasing workflows, manage sensitive equipment acquisitions, and optimize their business outcomes with predictive analytics.

Vroozi's state-of-the-art technology, combined with its industry expertise, enables chemical companies to overcome traditional procurement hurdles with customizable solutions that make procure-to-pay adoption seamless. From sourcing and supplier management to marketplace and invoice processing, Vroozi provides a unique ability to scale large enterprises across the globe with an end-to-end solution that drives efficiency, accuracy, and transparency at every step of the procurement journey.


Vroozi — the intelligent procure-to-pay platform — is the leading business spend management, marketplace, and accounts payable invoice automation platform for mid-market and enterprise organizations. Vroozi’s SpendTech® platform digitizes the procurement and vendor invoice management processes by leveraging AI and ML capabilities to intelligently orchestrate business processes while bringing powerful, enterprise-grade functionality to companies of all sizes. The digital platform reduces transaction costs, maximizes efficiency, and improves business margins while providing powerful financial insights to company stakeholders. Vroozi is designed for companies who want to manage all of their spend, drive end-user adoption with their employees, connect digitally with their suppliers, and maintain spend and payments visibility from anywhere, at any time. For more information, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Nicole Rodrigues
NRPR Group for Vroozi

First published on Thu, Aug 24, 2023

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