TechDogs-"VisionTek Launches High-Performance M.2 SSDs for Enhanced User Experience"


VisionTek Launches High-Performance M.2 SSDs for Enhanced User Experience

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SCHAUMBURG, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Mac--VisionTek Products LLC, a leading provider of high-performance upgrades and accessories for PCs and Macs, today unveiled its new lineup of M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) featuring exceptional speed, thermal management and durability. These next-generation form factor M.2 drives cater to demanding workloads and offer blazing fast read and write speeds up to 7,500 MB/s.

The DLX4 PCIe 4.0 SSDs feature a PCIe 4.0 interface for high-bandwidth, low-latency performance for the most demanding of workloads. The range includes 2230, 2242 and 2280 SSDs to support a variety of systems and devices. Capacities range from 500GB to 4TB, making the SSDs perfect for applications like 3D rendering, gaming and video editing.

Key differentiators of the new M.2 solid state drives include:

  • High-speed performance: With read and write speeds up to 7,500 MB/s, users can expect seamless multitasking, near-instantaneous boot times and improved file load times.
  • Five-year warranty: VisionTek backs the SSDs with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Advanced cooling technology: The unique low-profile heat sink design prevents thermal throttling, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods.
  • Enhanced durability: The SSDs offer higher TBW for longer-lasting performance.
  • High density in small form factor: Variety in size (30mm, 42mm, and 80mm lengths) allow for upgrades across a wide range of devices.

"VisionTek's M.2 SSDs raise the bar in storage technology, offering a unique combination of performance, reliability and durability in a sleek design," said Nick Bill, director of product development and product marketing at VisionTek. "Our SSDs provide a reliable local storage solution for users who need exceptional performance on their local system whether it be for advanced photography, content creation, gaming or data modeling."

About VisionTek

VisionTek is the leading provider of docking stations and mobile-ready PC solutions that enhance productivity, connectivity and user experience. With a diverse product line, VisionTek offers universally compatible solutions for PC-connectivity across platforms and vertical markets. Trusted by industry leaders such as Dell, CDW, Lenovo and Amazon, VisionTek delivers high-performance products and unparalleled U.S.-based customer service. For more information, visit


Alex Carel, Marketing Manager

First published on Wed, May 17, 2023

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