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Virtual AI Being Creation Platform MindOS Just Launched Its Global Closed Beta

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SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Singapore-based Mindverse AI kicked off its Closed Beta Launch of MindOS, its debut tool for creating customized virtual AI beings for marketing, customer service, e-commerce, hospitality, and events. The webinar hosted journalists, developers, creators, and distributors from across the world, all of whom were given cost-free beta licenses for MindOS. A recording of the closed beta launch can be accessed here.

The firm’s Closed Beta launch followed its signed partnership and planned rollout of customizable embodied chatbots for one of the world’s 3 largest e-commerce platforms, a global beauty and cosmetics brand, and several e-commerce SMEs.

Current legacy AI chatbots and LLMs face their fair share of challenges: legacy chatbots lack flexibility and fluency, while LLMs are difficult to customize and control. MindOS provides a comprehensive solution to all challenges: Mind as a Service (MAAS). Mindverse Co-Founder and CEO Fangbo Tao said, “We envision MindOS as a middle layer between LLMs and businesses, in an attempt to democratize AI for everyone, leveling the playing field between joint corporations like Google and Microsoft and smaller businesses.”

MindOS generates AI beings with customizable appearances, personalities, knowledge domains, and app integrations. The tool can be deployed as a chatbot or IVA for service or sales, or as a process automation tool for workplace productivity and internal processes. MindOS supports 30 languages, offers a big library of pre-designed AI beings, and infers intent accurately 97% of the time. MindOS AI beings can be trained with an unsorted training data set such as an onboarding manual, product documents, or full websites, without the need to structure the data. With real-time searching and zero-shot training, those AI beings can be onboarded rapidly to consistently provide high-quality responses that are faithful to each brand’s voice.

During the webinar, Mindverse CEO Fangbo Tao elaborated, “Imagine a workplace where creativity thrives free from repetitive tasks, where people can innovate and make decisions alongside the help of AI – that is the future we are building, that is the future MindOS is building.”

The firm intends to launch Open Beta in the coming weeks, and those interested in a free beta license may request one on the company’s discord server.


Kisson Lin
+1 (917) 725-3550

First published on Fri, Apr 21, 2023

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