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VigorPool's CAPTAIN Series Debuts at IFA Berlin 2023: Top Choice of Outdoor Adventures & Emergency Power Solutions

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BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VigorPool, a company that provides portable, green energy solutions, is launching new products, including portable power stations, balcony solar systems, and residential energy storage systems. Discover more on our official website or experience their power and versatility firsthand at the IFA 2023 Berlin exhibition.

CAPTAIN700 - The Go-to Solution for Adventures

Embark on a journey with an ally in power – whether you're setting up camp in the mountains, casting lines by serene waters, or capturing the perfect sunset shot. The VigorPool CAPTAIN700 emerges as the top choice, offering a seamless blend of portability and performance.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the lightweight CAPTAIN700 and solar panels, creating a dynamic solar generator setup. Tap into solar energy on the go to power your outdoor devices.

CAPTAIN700 stands as a testament to outdoor liberation and endless adventure possibilities.


  1. Weighting just 19.87lbs (9KG)
  2. 700W rated output power, 672Wh capacity.
  3. Safest LiFePO4 battery offers 10+ Years Lifespan.
  4. Parallel Function to DOUBLE output of 1400W and capacity of 1344Wh.
  5. Fast charge for fully recharge in 1.5 hours or less.
  6. UPS function can finish power transfer within 10ms.
  7. Maximum 240W Solar Input (Built-in MPPT).
  8. Intelligent Bidirectional Inverter, Pure Sine output.
  9. Remote APP control

CAPTAIN2400 - Powerhouse for Off-Grid Living & Emergencies

Think of the CAPTAIN2400 as your ultimate power backup. Ideal for remote getaways and blackout emergencies, it ensures reliable illumination.

With 2240Wh capacity, it energizes homes and RVs for extended periods; coupled with two CAPTAIN2400 Extra Batteries providing the massive 6720Wh capacity, it supports 2-3 days of power. More impressive is its robust 2400W output fearlessly powers 99% of household and outdoor devices.

Whether you're embracing off-grid living or addressing unexpected outages, pair it with solar panels for endless green energy. Say goodbye to power limitations.


  1. 2400W output and a massive 2240Wh capacity.
  2. Connect TWO CAPTAIN2400 Extra Batteries to expand the maximum capacity to a whopping 6720Wh.
  3. Safest LiFePO4 battery offers 10+ Years Lifespan.
  4. CAPTAIN 2400 Extra Battery can independently charge and discharge.
  5. SAFE & FAST charged from 0 to 80% in as little as one hour.
  6. UPS function can finish power transfer within 20ms.
  7. Intelligent temperature-controlled fan cooling system.
  8. Maximum 800W Solar Input (Built-in MPPT).
  9. Intelligent Bidirectional Inverter, Pure Sine output.
  10. Remote APP control.

Safeguarded Exploration with Captain Series

Discover peace of mind in every Captain Series device. With UL94V0 PC+ABS casing and an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), we ensure your safety for any adventure.

Choose reliability, embrace sustainability. VigorPool safeguards homes and the planet, providing safe, reliable energy solutions. Join us in creating a greener future powered by nature's resources.

About VigorPool

VigorPool offers safer, more affordable, and more durable portable solar solutions. With a commitment to environmental consciousness, we provide high-quality, accessible green energy for all. Our passion for making this vision a reality drives our innovative product design and technology.


For further information:
Christopher Tang, +86-18688927617,

First published on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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