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VDS Launches FiT Lifecycle Management First Information Governance Software Suite Customized for Complete Document Creation, Retention, and Disposition Workflow

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FiT reduces risk, supports compliance, and automates physical and electronic records management

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FiTLifecycleManagement--With the dramatic increase in corporate rules, industry regulation and stricter legislation on how organizations conduct business, Information Governance has become indispensable. But until now, it’s been a daunting task. VDS’ new FiT suite changes all that.

Already deployed at dozens of organizations, FiT is the first customized disposition and retention workflow management solution. It identifies and organizes aging documents, transforming them into an automated retention and disposition workflow so the most relevant can be optimized and that which no longer have value destroyed. FiT helps reduce risk, support compliance, and saves time and money.

“From law firms to corporations to government agencies, we hear the same refrain – overwhelmed executives and IT leaders want better ways to manage and streamline their organizations’ records. Years of generating too much data, keeping up with changing legal requirements for document retention and deletion, have impeded productivity and compliance,” said VDS President Antony Forde. “FiT Lifecycle Management is information governance amplified, giving organizations full oversight and control in the governance and management of documents throughout their lifecycle.”

According to the Global Trade Association for Information Management Companies (PRISM), an organization’s active files grow at an annual rate of approximately 25 percent. At any given time, between three and five percent of files are lost or misplaced. Mishandled files can lead to financial and legal penalties or litigation.

Fit Key Benefits

Web-based and compatible with different browsers, FiT features new front-end technology and a SQL back end. FiT brings numerous benefits to an organization, from improved efficiency and faster retrieval to enhanced workflows. But one of the biggest is ensuring legal compliance, thereby reducing risks. Users always know what they have, where it is, and when they can dispose of it.

In addition, FiT saves significant costs by actively managing storage. FiT reduces/eliminates unnecessary, redundant, obsolete, trivial, and transitory data and documents and as a result can decrease an organization’s costs for storage and IT infrastructure. It also keeps administrative costs at a minimum.

FiT Key Features

FiT provides industry-leading functionality with a high-level of configurability, ease of deployment, and seamless integration with other systems and vendors. In addition to its unparalleled retention and disposition, FiT also provides:

  • Mobile Access: With its unique iOS App platform, FiT runs on an iPhone or Android. Now clerks can scan files without the bulky scanners organizations hate supporting.
  • Powerful Reporting: By consolidating data sources into a single reporting module, FiT provides enhanced business intelligence. Unlike traditional static reports, users can analyze data to find, compare and share actionable insights such as department and employee performance levels.
  • Electronic Job Submissions: Staff can create work orders at their desks. Once created, notification is sent to the support group. Instead of walking the floors – support teams can retrieve a job as soon as it’s requested.
  • Easy IOS/based Asset Tracking: Users can track files and boxes quickly with barcodes and FiT’s IOS application, allowing fast response to requests for pick-up or retrieval.

FiT Pricing, Availability, and Support

FiT is available now with custom pricing depending on the configuration. FiT can be hosted either in the cloud or on-site. It was developed to be flexible enough to meet broad company expectations and configurations. Ongoing premiere support is available for free to customers who sign a three-year term. Customers who sign a single-year term have access to FiT’s customer support portal for system guides and web chat support.

If you would like more information or to request a demo, please contact us here.

About VDS and FiT

Founded in 2006, Los Angeles-based VDS is a leading IT services provider helping enterprises create, manage, and maintain their digital and physical workspaces. File Lifecycle Tracking (FiT), the company’s industry-leading Information Governance software suite, serves forward-thinking organizations in legal, corporate, pharma and government markets. For more information visit or


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First published on Wed, Feb 1, 2023

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