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Unravel Data Unveils Data Industrys First Purpose-Built Autonomous AI Agents

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Unravel AI Agents Empower DataOps, FinOps and Data Engineering Teams to Move Beyond Observability to Achieve Data Actionability

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Unravel Data, the first AI-enabled data actionability and FinOps platform built to address the speed and scale of modern data platforms, today announced the release of three groundbreaking new AI agents: the Unravel DataOps Agent, the Unravel FinOps Agent, and the Unravel Data Engineering Agent.

While generative AI capabilities such as Large Language Models allow users to ask general questions and receive broad answers, AI agents are designed to perform specific, actionable tasks within their domains. These AI agents leverage domain-specific knowledge graphs and advanced automation to tackle precise problems faced by data teams, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy. All three new AI agents are included as part of the latest version of Unravel Platform.

The introduction of AI agents has the potential to transform various data-centric disciplines where the complexity of managing and making decisions about data pipelines often requires significant human intervention. In DataOps, AI agents can automate routine tasks like data pipeline monitoring and anomaly detection, freeing up human experts for more strategic endeavors. Meanwhile, AI agents for FinOps teams can be deployed to continuously track and analyze cloud expenditures for data storage, processing, and analytics, identifying cost-saving opportunities and potential budget overruns.

"Over the past decade, Unravel has been at the forefront of data observability, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of our enterprise customers. With this launch, we are taking customers beyond observability, to actionability,” said Kunal Agarwal, CEO and co-founder, Unravel Data. “The market is demanding solutions that don't simply observe and tell you what's happening, but make it actionable by telling you how to solve the problem. And better still, to fix it for them. This will allow resource crunched data teams to get more done through smart automation.”

AI agents hold immense potential for transforming data-related disciplines by automating the many time-consuming and tedious tasks that consume the time of under-resourced data teams. Some of the distinguishing capabilities of Unravel’s AI Agents include:

  • Domain-Specific Design: Unravel’s AI agents leverage deep domain-specific knowledge graphs to address the specific challenges data teams face daily.
  • Flexibility and Control: Users can choose their preferred level of AI automation, from highly supervised to fully automated, ensuring they are able to maintain the proper amount of oversight over critical data-driven processes.
  • Enhanced Focus for Data Engineers: By automating mundane tasks, these AI agents enable data engineers to reduce boring and repetitive tasks, maximize productivity and focus on solving critical, high-value problems.
  • Precision and Reliability: Built to provide accurate and reliable solutions, Unravel's AI agents are finely tuned to handle precise data operations issues.
  • Comprehensive Cost Management: For FinOps teams, the AI agents facilitate automated cost governance, uncover savings opportunities, and proactively manage budgets.

Maersk, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, recognized the benefits of Unravel’s AI agents to streamline their data processes, optimize their cloud spending, and enhance their operational efficiency. “Unravel enables developers to proactively manage complex data systems effortlessly," said Peter Rees, Lead Architect for Enterprise Data at Maersk. “By providing clear, actionable information through a conversational interface, we look forward to using these AI agents to help us detect and troubleshoot issues faster, propose configuration changes, and allow developers to approve and apply those changes seamlessly.”

To learn more about how Unravel agents can deliver actionable insights into your data pipelines, visit:

About Unravel Data

Unravel Data radically transforms the way businesses understand and optimize the performance and cost of their modern data applications – and the complex data pipelines that power those applications. Unravel’s market-leading data actionability and FinOps platform with purpose-built AI for each data platform, provides prescriptive recommendations needed for cost and performance data and AI pipeline efficiencies. A recent winner of the Best Data Tool & Platform of 2023 as part of the annual SIIA CODiE Awards, some of the world’s most recognized brands like Adobe, Maersk, Mastercard, Equifax, and Deutsche Bank rely on Unravel Data to unlock data-driven insights and deliver new innovations to market. To learn more, visit


Rob Nachbar
Kismet Communications for Unravel Data

First published on Wed, Jun 12, 2024

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