TechDogs-"TuxCare Debuts Extended Lifecycle Support Service for CentOS 7"

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TuxCare Debuts Extended Lifecycle Support Service for CentOS 7

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TechDogs-"TuxCare Debuts Extended Lifecycle Support Service for CentOS 7"

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TuxCare, a global innovator in enterprise-grade cybersecurity for Linux, today announced it now offers a new CentOS 7 Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) service, arming organizations with ongoing patches and fixes so that they can easily keep running CentOS 7 and use all existing tools while gaining more time to migrate to an alternative Linux distribution.

CentOS 7 security updates end in June 2024, but that becomes a non-event with the addition of TuxCare’s CentOS 7 ELS. In December of 2021, TuxCare extended support for CentOS 8 for an additional four years – and the same is slated for CentOS 7 to bring cost-effective, long-lasting peace of mind for users.

“We’re pleased to provide this important, heavily anticipated service, as CentOS 7 users can’t migrate to the already end-of-life CentOS 8 and there is no CentOS 9,” said Jim Jackson, President and Chief Revenue Officer at TuxCare. “This is an example of the unmatched value that TuxCare brings to organizations that depend on gaining substantially more time to properly migrate after end of life has been announced. Extending CentOS 7 usage is nearly a necessity for countless organizations. We’re pleased to be the industry’s consistent provider of such valuable support.”

Offer for New KernelCare Enterprise Live Patching Customers

Organizations that subscribe to TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise Live Patching service before December 31, 2023 are eligible to receive free CentOS 7 ELS services through June 2028, providing a pathway to easily firming up the needed support early on. TuxCare’s ELS services provide speedy, high-quality patches and updates that mirror a vendor’s previous similar service. For more information on the CentOS 7 ELS, visit

Earlier this year, the company also announced the launch of its PHP ELS and Python ELS.

About TuxCare

TuxCare is on a mission to reduce the world’s risk of cyber exploitation. Through its automated live security patching solutions and extended lifecycle support services for Linux and open source software and languages, TuxCare allows thousands of organizations to rapidly remediate vulnerabilities for increased security and compliance. The world’s largest enterprises, government agencies, service providers, universities, and research institutions are protected by TuxCare on over one million workloads and growing. For more information, go to


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First published on Wed, Dec 21, 2022

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