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Traefik Labs Launches New Kubernetes-Native API Management With Third-Party Ingress

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GitOps compliant Traefik Hub enables seamless operations and enhanced productivity

AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#APIManagement--KubeCon Traefik Labs, creator of the popular Traefik ingress controller, today launched the industry’s first Kubernetes-native API management with Traefik Hub, for publishing, securing, and managing APIs with support for Traefik and third-party ingress controllers including NGINX.

With the global rise of APIs and API-first strategies becoming more commonplace in organizations, existing API management solutions are struggling to provide a cloud-native experience and quick time to value, with their users facing steep learning curves, growing operational complexity, and lack of deployment flexibility.

Traefik Hub has created a modern, intuitive, and open approach to API management that drastically simplifies and accelerates the API management lifecycle, delivering the following.

  1. Quick time to value through a Kubernetes-native API management operating model: Through the use of Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), Traefik Hub eliminates unnecessary complexity and offers a clean and intuitive configuration experience, even for those new to Kubernetes. Users can group their APIs and facilitate the reuse of the groupings across multiple API initiatives.
  2. Operational efficiency through a centralized, fully GitOps compliant, control plane: Traefik Hub offers a centralized control plane that simplifies the configuration of the fleet of API gateways running in an environment by eliminating manual configurations that reduces the risk of human error and ensures that service levels (SLOs and SLAs) are met. Furthermore, DevOps, SRE (site reliability engineers) and platform engineers can leverage Traefik Hub’s strict GitOps compliance to fully automate common design patterns such as access control, rate limiting, and certificate management, while ensuring complete auditability of API management best practices.
  3. Deployment flexibility with support for third-party ingress controllers across hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments: Traefik Hub fits into any existing Kubernetes architecture with no additional tooling, providing a seamless experience for all teams across any deployment environment. It also provides support for Traefik and third-party ingress controllers like NGINX, making Traefik Hub the most open, interoperable, and flexible platform for organizations looking to fast track their API initiatives.

Combining all of these capabilities on a single platform unlocks the full potential for organizations across the globe to efficiently manage their APIs and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. By streamlining API management, security and compliance on a single platform, they will be better equipped to lead, compete, and thrive in the API economy.

“While API management is by no means a new concept, and several API management tools have been around for years, current API management solutions impose invasive changes and steep learning curves,” said Emile Vauge, founder and CEO, Traefik Labs. “Now, engineers don't need to change their current tech stack, or learn a new one, to start using Traefik Hub's API management – they can go back to focusing on building great applications.”

The latest version of Traefik Hub is currently in closed Beta and will be publicly available on May 16. To learn more, visit Traefik Labs at KubeCon, booth S24 for a demo or sign-up for early access at

About Traefik Labs

Traefik Labs helps organizations adopt and scale cloud-native architectures by providing a modern, intuitive, and open platform that reimagines application connectivity and API management, paving the way for seamless operations and enhanced productivity. Traefik’s flagship open source project, Traefik Proxy, is used by the world’s largest enterprises and is one of Docker Hub’s top 10 projects, with over 3 billion downloads. Founded in 2016, Traefik Labs is backed by investors including Balderton Capital, Elaia, 360 Capital Partner, and Kima Ventures. For more information, visit and follow @traefik on Twitter.


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Glenn Rossman for TraefikLabs

First published on Mon, Apr 17, 2023

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