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Tim Williams Joins OnAsset Intelligence To Lead Development Of Connected Label Products

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OnAsset Intelligence announces the hiring of Tim Williams, Founder and former CEO of NanoThings Inc., to lead new product development and innovation for a full line of connected label products. New technologies, manufacturing processes, and form factors are enabling intelligent connected labels that will offer global logistics stakeholders an ability to add layers of visibility and data capture where it was not possible before. OnAsset is adding talent with the specific skillset necessary to stay at the forefront in delivering meaningful solutions for its customers.

Tim Williams, OnAsset’s Connected Label Product Manager, states “I am extremely excited to join forces with a company that has been a driving force of innovation in the IoT and connected logistics space for over 18 years. OnAsset has more experience, horsepower, and IP than any other connected device company in this industry. My experience in developing connected label technology, combined with OnAsset’s ability to solve complex customer challenges in highly regulated environments, will produce innovations beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.”

Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence said “We are delighted to add Tim Williams to the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge around connected label technology, and a unique vision for how we can solve customer problems.” OnAsset has spent years in partnership with its customers deploying a global network of gateways and connected devices that seamlessly communicate with each other, building the largest supply chain visibility meshing network in the world. “Our vision for the future is a full suite of tools that allow us to gather location, sensor and chain-of-custody data at the edge across all modes of transport and storage. Having products that can talk to each other allows us to deliver flexible and cost effective solutions that use our global scale for the benefit of all, and our new line of products and innovation in the connected label space fits perfectly with that strategy. There is much more to come from OnAsset.”

OnAsset recently announced the development of the world’s first biodegradable tracking device in partnership with Jiva Materials, which will also be fully compatible with its global network. OnAsset’s focus on device reuse and recyclability is a core pillar of the company’s strategy, and its connected label products will continue in this direction.

About OnAsset

Founded in 2005, OnAsset is a leading technology company specializing in asset tracking and monitoring solutions with a focus on providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable products that allow organizations to track and manage their valuable assets in real-time. Whether it is monitoring the location and condition of high-value cargo in transit, optimizing supply chain operations, or ensuring the security and compliance of critical assets, OnAsset's solutions empower companies to leverage its 17 patents, global airline approvals, and industry certifications to make informed decisions and streamline their operations. OnAsset is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance asset visibility and control serving over 170 countries. For more information please visit


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First published on Wed, Jan 10, 2024

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