TechDogs-"Tenchijin Leverages Space Big Data To Address Agriculture Challenges with the Launch of Tenchijin Farm and Pioneering Cultivation of Moon Asparagus"

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Tenchijin Leverages Space Big Data To Address Agriculture Challenges with the Launch of Tenchijin Farm and Pioneering Cultivation of Moon Asparagus

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TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#bigdata--JAXA accredited space venture Tenchijin is extending the application of its Tenchijin COMPASS data utilization platform to revolutionize agriculture. With a bold vision of cultivating asparagus on the moon in the future, Tenchijin has successfully harvested “Moon Asparagus”.

Tenchijin Farm: Solving agricultural challenges through Space Big Data and knowledge Aggregation

As the moon economy is thriving, growing vegetables on the Moon is warranted. However, the environment is severe for a crop to survive.
Tenchijin recognizes the array of challenges and severe environment jeopardizing global food production and takes this as an opportunity to develop advanced farming techniques. Therefore, Tenchijin has launched “Tenchijin Farm”, a pioneering farming initiative, which harnesses the power of Big Data, aimed to explore innovative and efficient cultivation methods to identify the most suitable land for sustainable crop production. Tenchijin also believes this initiative will be useful to grow crops in harsh environments - in outer space. Asparagus, a powerful antioxidant, is poised to maintain people on the Moon healthy. Subsequent to its “Space Big Data Rice project”, Tenchijin Farm is growing “Moon Asparagus”, which aims to be cultivated on the Moon. In this first phase, Tenchijin aims to cultivate delicious asparagus in a field with the help of Big Data and A.I.

Connecting the dots: The Intersection of Technology, Crops, and Environments

Tenchijin Farm project leverages satellite data to identify optimal land for cultivating asparagus. As the project advances, the farm will transition to a harsh environment and become a great test-bed to investigate the impact of climate change on crop growth and spur the development of farming techniques that enable crop development under challenging conditions. Through meticulous research and development, Tenchijin aims to acquire the essential knowledge required for crops to thrive in harsh environments including on the Moon. This wealth of information will be centralized within Tenchijin COMPASS, an integrated platform that “connects the dots” to visualize agricultural challenges and improve farming techniques.

Tenchijin COMPASS can be used for free by creating an account on the Tenchijin website.

If you are interested in customizing Tenchijin COMPASS or consulting on data analysis, please contact us at

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Tenchijin, Inc.
Yasuhito Sakuraba

First published on Fri, Jun 16, 2023

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Tenchijin Data Utilization Platform Revolutionize Agriculture Big Data

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