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TELUS International Announces Beta Program For Fuel iX, An Enterprise AI Engine Powering Generative AI For Production

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(  )-- TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) today announced the launch of a beta version of Fuel iX, an AI engine designed to help businesses transition from generative AI pilot projects to large-scale production, implementing personalized solutions faster, and managing technology efficiently and responsibly. By having access to over 100 major language models and the ability to switch models post-launch, businesses are no longer dependent on a single vendor and can future-proof applications powered by generative AI. With the solution's management capabilities, businesses can consolidate visibility across all their generative AI-powered applications, which often run across multiple environments, platforms and clouds. Fuel iX also offers application templates for the rapid implementation of personalized generative AI co-pilots that use the company's data and can be adapted to its operating processes.

“The Fuel iX solution was created to provide businesses with the flexibility, control, productivity and confidence inherent in generative AI. Our first customers were major divisions of TELUS. We have successfully implemented AI solutions there, including the IT Help Desk solution, the Field Service platform, knowledge access solutions for team members, co-pilots for sales representatives in-store retail sales, customer service representative assistant and a consumer-facing website – securely, responsibly and in record time, says Tobias Dengel, CEO of Fuel iX and president of WillowTree, a TELUS International company. We have more than 30,000 users at TELUS to date, and these solutions have significantly increased employee productivity. »

Fuel iX is now available. To request an invitation to the Fuel iX limited beta launch, submit your request here .

Fuel iX Basics and Applications

With Fuel iX's Generative AI Gateway and Integration Server, custom and third-party enterprise and generative AI-powered applications can access critical services like access control, moderation, observability and privacy protection, simplifying management of the generative AI value chain, from data and models to applications and interfaces.

Fuel iX has two solution layers: the base and applications, with each layer including multiple modules and connectors to third-party solutions. The Fuel iX core element supports integration and administration as the backbone of AI and includes functions and connectors for observation, adjudication, orchestration, moderation and increased security . Fuel iX Applications brings together templates for generative AI-powered applications across customer and employee experiences, third-party application support, application channel integration and more.

This functionality also relies on TELUS International's design services, which provide custom applications and other digital solutions, and the accelerator program for the rapid development and implementation of generative AI.

Accelerated TELUS Productivity with Fuel iX

“Large companies don't just have one or two generative AI solutions,” says Jaime Tatis, chief information officer at TELUS. We have generative AI solutions in production supporting over 30,000 users, several pilot projects, and over 30 new application requests. Many require customization to support business business processes. It is essential to have an AI solution at your disposal to quickly deliver productivity applications to business users and also manage them at runtime. These are important market gaps that we were able to fill with Fuel iX. »

TELUS used Fuel iX to create a generative AI management toolset giving the service provider access to multiple cloud providers and over 100 major language models. TELUS then added centralized observability by use case, user and AI model and developed tools and processes to support privacy, data sovereignty, security in AI and security requirements. The results for part of 2023 speak for themselves: CA$6.4 million in cost avoidance and an increase in revenue of CA$1.8 million thanks to more accurate billing for technician visits.

“The implementation of generative AI-powered applications was happening at such a rapid pace that we needed complete overview and management of all applications and use cases . We chose an approach that allows us to effectively manage rapid growth and ensure our generative AI capabilities are ready for the future,” said Hesham Fahmy, Chief Information Officer at TELUS. We would not have been able to meet our requirements and move from a pilot project to full-scale production without Fuel iX. »

TELUS International is a leader in comprehensive end-to-end data solutions powered by AI and digital customer experience solutions. To learn more about Fuel iX and the company's suite of AI-powered offerings, visit .

About TELUS International

TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) designs, produces and delivers next-generation digital solutions to enhance the customer experience for market-creating global brands. Its services support its clients' complete digital transformation lifecycle and enable them to more quickly adopt next-generation digital technologies to improve their bottom lines. TELUS International's integrated solutions include digital strategy, innovation, consulting and design, information technology lifecycle management (managed solutions, intelligent automation and comprehensive data solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as computer vision), omnichannel customer experience as well as trust and security, including content moderation. To support all stages of its growth, TELUS International partners with brands in high-growth verticals, such as technology and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce and fintech, health, as well as travel and accommodation.

TELUS International's unique caring culture promotes diversity and inclusion through its policies, team member workshops and resource groups, and equal opportunity hiring practices. all regions where it operates. The company fosters thriving communities and helps those in need through large-scale volunteer activities that have positively impacted the lives of more than 150,000 citizens around the world and beyond. through TELUS International's five Community Investment Committees, which have contributed $5.6 million to local charities since 2015. To learn more, visit: .


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First published on Tue, Apr 2, 2024

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