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Tamr Sets New Data Standards For Generative AI In Google Marketplace

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Leading the Way in Data Mastering and Quality with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Tamr Inc. (“Tamr”), the leader in AI-powered software for delivering trustworthy golden records, is proud to announce the availability of its Generative AI capabilities through the Google Marketplace for Generative AI. This milestone represents a significant advancement in Tamr’s evolution. It introduces an additional capability layer to Tamr’s proven data-centric AI, which solves the hard problem of discovering, enriching, and maintaining enterprise-wide golden records at scale.

“Generative AI is a fantastic tool. Embedding it strategically in our software furthers our mission of rapidly, accurately, and cost-effectively delivering trustworthy master data so our customers can make accurate business decisions more quickly and confidently,” said Anthony Deighton, Tamr’s CEO.

By being recognized as a provider of Generative AI capabilities, Tamr joins an exclusive club on Google Marketplace. “It’s now easier than ever for data leaders to locate Tamr and understand our credentials as AI leaders in the enterprise data space,” Deighton noted. “Additionally, by making our solutions available on Google Marketplace, users can now rapidly deploy them and start working with their data without going through the many hurdles traditionally experienced when procuring enterprise software.”

Tamr’s patented SaaS software runs on Google infrastructure in the US, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia, leveraging Generative AI to improve data in the following ways:

  • Extracting structured information from technical documents to improve record matching and classification workflows.
  • Classifying records into their correct domain (e.g., people vs. companies) to ensure sensitive data is handled correctly.
  • Extracting information from unstructured fields, such as product descriptions, to enhance record-matching algorithms and highlight data gaps.
  • Creating vector embeddings to power semantic search.

Tamr’s expertise in quickly and accurately unifying large amounts of data across disparate data sources also plays an important role in improving the overall effectiveness of Generative AI solutions.

Tamr AI Helps Make Data AI-ready

With the explosion in Generative AI solutions, many companies are keen to leverage these capabilities for a competitive advantage. However, the effectiveness of Generative AI solutions is limited by the quantity and quality of the trustworthy data available to them. Deighton elaborates, “Tamr plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of Generative AI in enterprises. By delivering accurate, comprehensive, and durable master data for training Generative AI models, companies can be confident that their internal AI efforts will perform at the highest possible level, given the data underpinning their most valuable data domains is reliable.”

About Tamr

Tamr develops data products that use battle-tested AI to speed the discovery, enrichment, and maintenance of the golden records businesses need to accelerate growth. Tamr’s AI-powered, human-refined approach delivers value in days, not months or years all while lowering project and operational costs when compared to MDM or DIY solutions. By connecting data across source systems and incorporating 1-click, 3rd party data enrichment, Tamr delivers accurate, comprehensive, and durable data ready for consumption.

Explore Tamr on Google Marketplace and discover how our cutting-edge technology sets new benchmarks in Generative AI.


Nandi Ngubentombi

First published on Mon, Apr 15, 2024

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