Techdogs-"Syntropy Announces Issuance of its Second Patent Relating to its Utility Token, $NOIA"


Syntropy Announces Issuance of its Second Patent Relating to its Utility Token, $NOIA

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Patent No. 11,316,789 titled, “System and Method for Selecting Data Routing Paths Having Reduced Latencies in a Distributed Computer Network,” solves issues prevalent in the current internet framework.

Techdogs-"Syntropy Announces Issuance of its Second Patent Relating to its Utility Token, $NOIA"

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--$NOIA #BillNorton--Syntropy, a transformative Web3 connectivity company, announced today that the company has been awarded its second patent, this one relating to the company’s NOIA Token. Patent No. 11,316,789 aims to overcome performance issues prevalent in the public internet by utilizing the company’s $NOIA token to power its patent protected Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) technology.

Syntropy’s Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol enables critical connectivity infrastructure for Web3 and metaverse. It is an intelligent, performance-based routing protocol that optimizes the movement of data along the fastest network path versus sending data across a default public internet path that might be riddled with latency. As DARP nodes relay data traffic across superior performing network paths, the node operator earns $NOIA tokens for their contribution.

The $NOIA token is the “gas” that facilitates the optimized movement of data over the Syntropy DARP Network. $NOIA provides the financial incentives for this superior network to be created and operated by and for the end-user community. Using blockchain and smart contracts, all connections and data sent through the Syntropy DARP Network are accounted for and any transactions for optimized routing are paid for in $NOIA tokens. Ultimately, this token represents the value derived from a high-performing network and its intrinsic value within the overall economy.

Bill Norton, Co-Inventor and Co-Founder at Syntropy, shares, “The $NOIA token makes it all work; it enables economic value exchange between users and providers of better network connectivity, accounted for using blockchain technology, with the token and the fully distributed blockchain enabling the transactions. Together, DARP, the $NOIA token, and blockchain technology, are all brought together as a thin software shim that improves the performance and security of the public internet for everyone. Empowering edge devices to secure and route their data is a necessary prerequisite to Web3.”

Jonas Simanavicius, Co-Inventor and Co-Founder at Syntropy, shares, “The current internet transit services fail to route around degraded paths, resulting in suboptimal network performance for businesses and end users.” Simanavicius continues, “The conventional routing technology that was designed in the 1980’s won’t support the evolution of the internet from Web2 to Web3. Therefore, we are bringing to market the transformative networking technology that will improve the performance, security and governance needed for Web3.”

This recently issued Patent No. 11,316,789 continues to demonstrate Syntropy’s commitment to modernize the internet framework, powered by the $NOIA token. This is the second patent awarded in a series of foundational patents filed by Syntropy that protects this revolutionary technology on behalf of the community of developers, stakeholders of the Syntropy blockchain, and participants in the $NOIA enabled open bandwidth exchange.

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About Syntropy

Syntropy is a transformative, user-centric connectivity system that meets the voracious network demands of Web3. It is designed to solve issues prevalent in the current internet framework, including performance, privacy, governance, and ineffective resource utilization. Syntropy utilizes a combination of innovative technologies, including blockchain, encryption, performance routing, and an economic model that enables and fosters the creation of a more reliable, secure, and faster-performing internet experience for all. To learn more visit


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First published on Thu, May 5, 2022

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