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Sweep Named an Innovator in the Carbon Management Software Green Quadrant 2022

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Climate tech firm earns top scores for carbon accounting, financed emissions, and contribution management services

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Just 15 months after launching publicly, Sweep, the leading carbon management platform for large enterprises, has been named an Innovator in the Carbon Management Software Green Quadrant 2022 by the independent research firm Verdantix.

After analyzing the carbon management software market, Verdantix recognized Sweep’s capacity to help corporate and financial organizations keep their carbon program on track.

"From day 1, our goal has been to develop the most powerful carbon management software to help future-focused organizations achieve climate targets and thrive in a low-carbon economy," said Rachel Delacour, CEO of Sweep. "We’re proud to see that our data and network-approach to carbon management is recognized by an industry expert like Verdantix."

In the report, Sweep received high scores for the following features:

  • Carbon accounting methodologies: Sweep covers a wide range of carbon accounting methodologies, including the GHG Protocol, across all scopes and categories to adapt to any company’s activities and industries. "Sweep offers a library of more than 30,000 emission factors, and customers have the flexibility to create and update emission factors (e.g. composite emission factors) for calculations," writes Verdantix. With this level of customization, companies can effectively measure emissions across teams and supply chains and get ready for climate disclosure regulations.
  • Carbon financial management: Verdantix highlighted Sweep's efforts to empower financial actors with its investment portfolio analysis solution: "Financed emissions can be calculated by CDP-based sector-specific benchmarks and through dedicated surveys of portfolio organizations, all according to the PCAF methodology.” These are key features to help financial actors deal with ESG scrutiny.
  • Carbon credits and allowances management: According to the report, “Sweep scored 3.0/3.0 for carbon credits and allowances management, which was a top score in this category.” The firm’s marketplace allows companies to build tailored contribution portfolios based on various requirements including corporate values, locations, certifications. It also enables companies to run portfolio analysis simulations and connect with project owners to bring much-needed transparency to their contribution activities.

As a majority of companies struggle to accurately deal with their emissions, Sweep’s comprehensive solution can effectively meet the full range of their carbon management needs and support their sustainability efforts – from measuring and target-setting, to reducing and reporting.

For more information about Sweep, visit

About Sweep

Sweep helps businesses track and act on their carbon so they can become forever companies.

Its data-driven platform makes it easy to measure emissions at scale, set smart reduction goals, and contribute to cutting-edge carbon projects.

Powerful collaboration features and user-focused design empower staff and entire value chains to grow a cleaner business. It also has an integrated marketplace, letting you contribute to exciting carbon reduction and removal projects all around the world. And with all your data in one place, Sweep’s analytics offer deep insights into your progress and automatic reporting to your stakeholders. Let’s get your carbon on track

About Verdantix

Verdantix is an independent research and advisory firm with expertise in environment, health, safety and quality, operational excellence, smart buildings, as well as ESG & sustainability technologies. Through its research and advisory services, it helps corporate managers, investors, technology executives and service firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions. It is committed to delivering objective, timely and accurate analysis to help our clients succeed.


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First published on Thu, Aug 11, 2022

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