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StrongPoint Partners With Leading Supply Chain Solutions Provider Blue Yonder

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StrongPoint adds Blue Yonder’s Warehouse Management System to its portfolio of e-commerce fulfilment solutions to support its automation offering.

OSLO, Norway--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Retail technology supplier StrongPoint announced today it is formalising its partnership with supply chain and digital fulfilment leader Blue Yonder.

The scope of the agreement provides StrongPoint with reseller rights for Blue Yonder’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), adding to its already comprehensive suite of e-commerce fulfilment solutions. The agreement gives StrongPoint the rights to sell, implement, support, and, where applicable, host Blue Yonder’s WMS for its customers in its core markets: Norway, Sweden, Spain, UK, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The StrongPoint e-commerce order fulfilment suite is an end-to-end solution designed to help retailers manage and deliver online orders, maximise order picking efficiency whilst also offering a full range of last-mile options. The suite includes software and hardware solutions for order picking, last-mile delivery, click & collect parcel and grocery lockers, and Micro-Fulfilment Centres (MFC's) as a distribution partner of AutoStore.

“A major part of StrongPoint’s e-commerce fulfilment strategy is its micro-fulfilment offer, centred around AutoStore’s Cube Storage Automation. With recent innovations, such as the automation of frozen groceries fulfilment, it is game changing for Grocers looking to automate their fulfilment whether instore or in a warehouse.

“The addition of Blue Yonder’s market-leading WMS solution enables StrongPoint to provide an end-to-end offering within a micro-fulfilment centre, broadening our capabilities well beyond the restrictions of a traditional warehouse control system (WCS). Blue Yonder’s WMS has a strong automation, grocery, and 3PL pedigree providing StrongPoint and its customers with the confidence to support any business process,” said Chris Mackie, StrongPoint SVP eCommerce.

“With Blue Yonder’s market-leading Warehouse Management System, we can take our automation solution to the next level. Blue Yonder’s WMS solution is distinguished by its maturity, adaptability and capabilities. It has a proven track record in the grocery industry, and its easy integration with automation solutions gives our automation customers a huge boost in an industry where reliability and efficiency are key,” said Jacob Tveraabak, StrongPoint CEO.

“We are proud to partner with StrongPoint and provide their retail customers with an unrivalled solution that can turbo-charge their automation offering. StrongPoint has an outstanding reputation for building and delivering not just efficient, but ultra-efficient retail technology solutions, making them the perfect fit to partner with Blue Yonder,” said Chirag Modi, Corporate Vice President, Industry Strategy - Supply Chain Execution and 3PL Global, Blue Yonder.


Jacob Tveraabak
CEO StrongPoint ASA
Tel: +47 908 21 370

First published on Tue, Aug 8, 2023

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