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SSP Innovations Aligns Organizational Structure With Business Strategy

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New structure strengthens customer focus and delivery across product and service offerings

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#SSPInnovations--SSP Innovations announced a new organizational structure that unifies its utility and telecom operations under a single leadership team. The new structure aligns with SSP’s strategy to solidify itself as the premier provider in utility and telecom products and services.

“Our goal has always been to lead the utility and telecom GIS markets with innovative products and services that advance and evolve our customers’ businesses,” commented Patrick Vardeman, CEO. “Unifying our operations will allow us to run as one in pursuit of that goal. A single set of shared best practices will guide our efforts to deliver increasingly valuable products and services to our customers.”

SSP is now organized under six functional leaders that report directly to the CEO. The leadership team includes:

  • Chief Financial Officer – Jonathan Jachimiec
  • Chief Operating Officer – Darrell Rhodes
  • Chief Business Development Officer – Dean Perry
  • Chief Customer Transformation Officer – Mehrdod Mohseni
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Dustin Sutton
  • Chief Product Officer – Michael Measels

SSP Innovations, a long-time leader in utility GIS, expanded its footprint in the industry in 2021 with the acquisition of 3-GIS, a long-time leader in telecom GIS. Today’s announcement is the next logical step in bringing the two organizations together under the SSP banner. In addition to a thriving GIS implementation services business, the company maintains two industry-focused product lines – SSP ActiveGIS™ and the 3-GIS | Network Solutions. SSP ActiveGIS is a comprehensive suite of utility-focused desktop and mobile applications that bring added value to the Esri ArcGIS Utility Network platform. 3-GIS | Network Solutions is a comprehensive, web-based GIS network management solution for telecommunications, allowing enterprises to plan, design, and manage networks. The newly announced organization will allow SSP to harness its initiatives to create innovative solutions in these rapidly transforming industries.

About SSP Innovations

Founded in 2003, SSP Innovations continues to be headquartered in Centennial, Colorado with additional offices in Mukwonago, Wisconsin; Decatur, Alabama; and Bern, Switzerland. SSP provides award-winning solutions to electric and gas utilities and telecommunication providers. SSP customers include some of the largest utility and telecommunications companies in the United States and internationally. For more information, please visit:


Keith Freeman

First published on Fri, Oct 6, 2023

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