TechDogs-"Source Photonics Surpasses 2.5 Million Mark in High Speed 28G/53G EML Chip shipments and Adds 100G EML Chips to its Market Leading EML Portfolio"

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Source Photonics Surpasses 2.5 Million Mark in High Speed 28G/53G EML Chip shipments and Adds 100G EML Chips to its Market Leading EML Portfolio

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New 100G EMLs will enable the transition to single lambda 200G PAM4 for 800G and 1.6T

TechDogs-"Source Photonics Surpasses 2.5 Million Mark in High Speed 28G/53G EML Chip shipments and Adds 100G EML Chips to its Market Leading EML Portfolio"

WEST HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Source Photonics, a global leader of innovative and reliable optical communications technology that enables communications and connectivity in data centers, metro, and access networks, today announced that it has surpassed shipment of more than 2.5 million pieces of 28G and 53G high speed EML laser chips for data centers and optical transmission applications at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) – a premier industry exhibition held in Basel, Switzerland during September 19-21, 2022. In addition to high end EML chips, Source Photonics exceeds the shipments of over 100 million pieces of 2.5G, 10G and 25G FP/DFB, and 10G EML chips for PON access and wireless fronthaul markets.

Source Photonics began production shipments of 53G EMLs with 100G single lambda PAM4 based 100G/400G transceivers when 400G industry adoption started to take off from 2021. It has undergone a successful introduction and qualification by many of our leading customers and partners throughout 2020. Empowered by the internally developed 53G EML chips and 100G PAM4 technology, Source Photonics has entered volume production of a series of product families which include 100G DR1/FR1/LR1/ER1 QSFP28, 400G DR4/FR4/LR4 QSFP56-DD, and 800G DR8/2xFR4 QSFP-DD800/OSFP.

Source Photonics manufactures its InP state-of-the-art EMLs for 100G PAM4 operation in its internal high-volume fab in Taiwan with expertise of leading the market for EML performance and quality. These EMLs enable higher bandwidth operations with conventional lumped-element electrode structure. They can be operated with minimized required input voltage swing to reduce the power consumption of related ICs and provide superior waveform quality for PAM4 signaling. They passed 10,000 hours high temperature operating life (HTOL) reliability tests for quality assurance, which help deliver high-speed reliable modules at high volume while maintaining high-quality link performance at lower cost and power per bit. From performance wise, single lambda 100G PAM4 has the capability to run up to 40km single mode fiber per telecom requirements.

“We are excited to announce this key milestone of shipping 2,500,000 high speed EML chips as it's both an extraordinary achievement for optics market and for Source Photonics. Today’s announcement further strengthens our commitment and leadership in large-scale production capacity of higher speed EML chip and transceiver products.” said John Wang, CEO of Source Photonics, “Vertical integration remains Source Photonics’ business model and core competitiveness. More than 90% of transceiver products transition to use our own optics chips now, including the newest 800G products under production. The company continues to invest in leading edge technology and will lead the transition from 53G to 100G EMLs for future products.”

The next logical step is to support 8x200G design of 1.6T modules. Source Photonics has embarked the development of 200G PAM4 EML chips to its market leading EML portfolio for achieving modulation bandwidth of over 60GHz. And technical feasibility of operating 200G per lambda PAM4 signaling has been demonstrated to run 2km and 10km fiber distances. It is foreseeable to expect the product commercialization of 1.6T modules will happen in 2023.

"Shipments of 28GBaud and 53GBaud EML chips continue to ramp up despite progress made by Source Photonics,” commented Vladimir Kozlov, CEO and founder of LightCounting Market Research, “The next wave of development cycle is 200G per lane PAM4 to support 1.6T transceivers based on 8x200G optics. We expect 100GBaud EMLs could play a large role to enable initial prototypes because of time to market, and initial deployments are likely going to happen in 2025.”

Visit Us at ECOC 2022 exhibition

Source Photonics will be participating in ECOC’s exhibition this year and will showcase its Latest Portfolio Solutions for Optical Transport, Optical Wireless and PON Access at Source Photonics Booth #211. The ECOC exhibition is taking place Sept 19-21, 2022.

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About Source Photonics:

Source Photonics is a leading global provider of innovative and reliable technology that enables communications and data connectivity, in next-generation mobile and fixed-line access networks, in metro networks, and in data centers. We add value to our customers by developing next-generation solutions that enable their growth by meeting the rapidly increasing demands of cloud infrastructure, wireless communications, routing, and fiber-to-the-premises applications worldwide. Source Photonics is headquartered in West Hills, California, USA with manufacturing facilities, R&D, and Sales offices worldwide.

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First published on Mon, Sep 19, 2022

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