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SoundHound Collaborates With Togg To Deliver Voice AI Experience To New Smart Vehicles

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First Togg smart vehicles include a fully branded AI voice assistant accessible through natural speech

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--$SOUN #AI--SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, today announced its advanced AI technology, including innovative Edge+Cloud connectivity, multiple language capabilities, and a custom-branded voice assistant, is live in a new line of smart vehicles from Turkish mobility provider, Togg.

Launched in Q2 2023, Togg vehicles have been described as a “new living space” that will redefine mobility. As part of Togg’s tech-forward vision to create a more user-centric experience, the mobility provider has collaborated with SoundHound to deliver a sophisticated, best-in-class voice AI.

Togg’s in-vehicle AI-powered voice assistant is capable of tracking and understanding the context of speech in real-time (even before the user has finished speaking), as well as addressing multiple questions and filtering results using SoundHound’s proprietary Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies.

Through SoundHound’s extensive library of content domains – including co-developed vehicle control services – Togg users can use voice commands to play music, lock doors, open the trunk, change the temperature, switch lights, and access information about local charging stations and battery range. SoundHound’s voice technology is also available in 25 different languages.

As a result, this collaboration between SoundHound and Togg provides users with the ability to control their smart vehicle experience by speaking naturally – just as they would to another person.

In addition to adopting this uniquely fluent, conversational AI, Togg’s in-vehicle voice technology will also have personal touches – including custom wake words, like “Hello Togg.”

“It’s exciting to be involved in a project like this, working at the very cutting edge of the future of mobility,” says Keyvan Mohajer, CEO at SoundHound. “Our technology works in synergy with the tech-forward components of Togg’s vehicles to provide drivers and their passengers with an effortless, entertaining, and safe way to control the in-car experience.”

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About SoundHound

SoundHound (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in conversational intelligence, offers voice AI solutions that let businesses offer incredible conversational experiences to their customers. Built on proprietary technology, SoundHound’s voice AI delivers best-in-class speed and accuracy in numerous languages to product creators across automotive, TV, and IoT, and to customer service industries via groundbreaking AI-driven products like Smart Answering, Smart Ordering, and Dynamic Interaction™, a real-time, multimodal customer service interface. Along with SoundHound Chat AI, a powerful voice assistant with integrated Generative AI, SoundHound powers millions of products and services, and processes billions of interactions each year for world class businesses.


Fiona McEvoy

First published on Thu, Aug 17, 2023

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