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Solid Silicon Corp And Raptor Computing Systems Collaborate To Deliver Next Gen Secure BMC Solution Powered By Lattice

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PARK CITY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Solid Silicon Corporation today announced at the 2023 OCP Global Summit its collaboration with Lattice Semiconductor, the low power programmable leader, and Raptor Computing Systems to deliver the next generation secure BMC solutions.

The market demand for secure BMC solutions that enable fully owner-controlled silicon and remote workload management couldn’t be higher. Solid Silicon is collaborating with Lattice Semiconductor to enable its first generation of secure chips targeted at soft BMC solutions called X1. The Solid Silicon X1 embeds low power Lattice FPGA solutions with 512Mb of embedded RAM. This unique combination enables a patented embedded active Root of Trust within in a secure BMC package.

Solid Silicon’s X1 will be delivered with full open source, including the HDL firmware and related tooling.

Solid Silicon is also partnering with Raptor Computing Systems to deliver the X1-powered Antarctic Tern BMC development kit with late 2024 availability. The Antarctic Tern is a ModBMC-compatible FPGA kit that offers integrated Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI output, and supports the Kestrel soft BMC. The Antarctic Tern can be plugged into many existing servers to replace the BMC functionality relied on commonly by ASpeed ASICs with proprietary software.

About Solid Silicon Corporation

Solid Silicon Corporation is a fabless silicon company developing standardized, sovereign, future-proof silicon, which gives developers the ability to own, control, and trust their computing devices down to the silicon. Solid Silicon is securing the next generation of high-performance chips based on the open, standardized and stable OpenPOWER ISA.

About Raptor Computing Systems

Raptor Computing Systems is the world’s leading ODM in the field of fully open, fully owner-controlled, blob-free hardware. From custom servers and embedded products to standard COTS mainboards and related offerings, Raptor Computing Systems can work with you to design truly secure OpenPOWER solutions that meet your specific requirements over multiple product cycles.

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Solid Silicon Corporation

Raptor Computing Systems

First published on Fri, Oct 20, 2023

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