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Snapdocs And SitusAMC Partnership Empowers Warehouse Banks To Scale eNote Adoption

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First-of-its-kind integration between Snapdocs’ eVault and SitusAMC’s ProMerit enables warehouse lenders to manage eNote transactions from within their system of record

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Snapdocs, the mortgage industry’s leading digital closing provider, today announced a partnership with SitusAMC to integrate the Snapdocs eVault to SitusAMC’s ProMerit platform. The partnership allows warehouse lenders to manage eNote transactions seamlessly and securely from within their warehouse lending system of record, enabling them to scale eNote adoption with confidence and ease.

"Today, eNote adoption by mortgage originators is just under 10%, and projections indicate it will reach nearly 30% of all new loan originations within a few years. To support this growth, warehouse lenders need to manage eNotes at scale,” said Camelia Martin, Vice President of eMortgage Strategy at Snapdocs. “Most large warehouse lenders are not realizing the efficiency benefits of eNotes, and our partnership with SitusAMC equips them to manage eNotes from within their existing systems and capture these benefits. This will enable warehouse lenders to better serve the needs of their customers.”

The integration between SitusAMC and Snapdocs securely allows eNote transactions to pass to and from ProMerit and the Snapdocs eVault. As a result, warehouse lenders centralize their eNote management process within ProMerit and eliminate the need for manual workarounds. Warehouse banks can now accept eNote transfers, initiate outgoing eNote transfers, reconcile eNote data, and view eNote statuses—processes that typically require manual action within an eVault—all within ProMerit.

“Today’s market requires integrated technology solutions,” said Rich Berg, Senior Director of Warehouse and Custodial Technology at SitusAMC. “This pioneering partnership with Snapdocs gives warehouse banks a competitive advantage, empowering them with an innovative and trusted solution to scale eNotes quickly and efficiently so they can better serve the needs of their customers.”

The Snapdocs eVault provides a secure and compliant solution for lenders and their secondary market partners to transact eNotes effortlessly. Specifically developed for mortgage—in collaboration with lenders, warehouse banks, servicers, and investors—the Snapdocs eVault is designed to meet the unique needs of each participant who interacts with eNotes across the mortgage lifecycle.

The Snapdocs eVault is now available to ProMerit clients. For more information, visit or contact Rich Berg at

About Snapdocs

Snapdocs is the mortgage industry’s leading digital closing provider. Powering millions of transactions each year, Snapdocs automates the home mortgage experience by connecting the people, processes, and technologies that power the industry. The company delivers a fully automated, referral-worthy closing experience through patented AI technology, hands-on customer service, and an extensive partner network. This proven approach enables market-leading lenders, title companies, and secondary market participants turn the closing process into a competitive advantage. For more information, please visit

About SitusAMC

SitusAMC is a leading independent provider of technology, strategic outsourcing, talent and advisory solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries. The company helps clients identify and capture opportunities in their real estate businesses through industry-leading services and innovative technologies that drive operational efficiency, increase business effectiveness, and improve market agility across the entire lifecycle of their global real estate activity. For more information visit


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First published on Thu, May 16, 2024

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