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Smart eMobility Welcomes Manoj Kohli, ex-SoftBank India Head, As Chairman

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IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Smart eMobility is pleased to announce Manoj Kohli as the Chairman. Manoj Kohli, who previously held the position of Country Head at SoftBank India, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record. He is passionate about driving industry transformations in various fields, including mobile internet, renewable energy, digital unicorns, and electric vehicles.

Smart eMobility is a fast-growing PaaS provider that offers comprehensive platform and end-to-end solutions for stakeholders in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. By leveraging the latest technologies, Smart eMobility enables utilities, energy retailers, charging station operators, smart cities, and automotive companies to accelerate the EV adoption, address end-to-end charging infrastructure needs, improve customer experience, and contribute to a sustainable future.

With the goal of accomplishing this mission, Manoj Kohli will provide guidance and assistance to the team in order to drive innovation, lead growth efforts, establish strategic partnerships and develop global oversight for the business. Under Manoj’s expertise and leadership, Smart eMobility is set to rapidly advance towards its objective of helping people better manage and control their EVs and significantly contribute toward sustainability goals.

Manoj Kohli, the former Country Head-SoftBank, played a key role in supporting SoftBank Group and Vision Fund as one of the largest investors of $15bn in over 25 AI-focused portfolio companies in India. He provided guidance and coaching to entrepreneurs and CEOs to address growth and profitability challenges and helped them execute profitable growth strategies. Manoj also helped businesses scale up to their full potential in India and expand to international markets by building robust leadership teams, creating e2e digitization plans, developing an admired brand, and establishing strong corporate governance.

Before his role at SoftBank, Manoj served as the Executive Chairman of SB Energy from 2015, where he achieved over 5GW of renewable energy – solar, wind, and hybrid – capacity in India. He also served as the Managing Director and CEO of Bharti Airtel, overseeing operations in 20 countries in Asia and Africa until 2015.

Manoj holds degrees in Commerce, Law and an MBA from Delhi University. He also attended the ‘Executive Management Program’ at Michigan and the ‘Advanced Management Program’ at Wharton.

“As the Chairman of Smart eMobility, I am committed to advancing our mission of accelerating EV adoption and contributing to a sustainable future. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and help people better manage and control their EVs. Smart eMobility’s end-to-end solutions will drive innovation, improve customer experience, and contribute to the world's sustainability goals. I look forward to working with the team and stakeholders to create a smarter, greener future,” mentions Manoj Kohli-Chairman, Smart eMobility.

“We warmly welcome our new Chairman, whose visionary leadership has driven growth and innovation in various industries. I have known Manoj Kohli for many years, and I strongly believe that his unique perspective and expertise will help steer Smart eMobility toward new horizons of excellence. With his guidance, we are excited to explore new avenues for growth and development and to embrace the challenges that lie ahead in an EV-driven future with renewed vigor and determination,” said Deepak Garg, CEO & Founder, Smart eMobility.

About Smart eMobility

Smart eMobility is the fastest growing and world’s #1 PaaS platform that brings together different industry players and offers a single integrated platform to further the EV revolution. By allowing people to better manage and control their electric vehicles, the platform allows energy providers to invest smartly and provide bundled experiences that support the delivery of seamless, more satisfying customer experiences. The platform is significantly advancing eMobility with right Empowerment, Automation, and Grid Management. We are on a mission to build a smart ecosystem to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, build customer experience excellence, address charging infrastructure needs and achieve sustainability goals.

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Mashal Dhawan

First published on Wed, Aug 23, 2023

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