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Small Satellite (CubeSat) Launch Provider, Vector Space Biosciences, Announces New Drug Repurposing Platform Using Data Generated In Space

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LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vector Space Biosciences, Inc., in collaboration with Oracle and NVIDIA, introduces the availability of its new small satellite (CubeSat) launch platform for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

The platform, described here, is powered by 1) a biosciences lab 2) a CubeSat lab 3) and a language modeling/AI lab which includes an ensemble of small highly targeted biological language modeling and large biological language modeling (LLMs), generative AI, protein sequence matching, vector databases and advanced visualizations. This pipeline enables the development of countermeasures against diseases associated with stressors resulting from human spaceflight. Countermeasures not only protect humans in space but also double as new forms of precision medicine for all mankind.

Once a CubeSat is designed, developed, and launched, data is transmitted to ground stations in collaboration with Microsoft Azure Space. This data is augmented with current biomedical data and preprocessed for language modeling. Feature vectors are extracted from the trained models and are used to construct real-time hidden relationship networks between genes, proteins, diseases, drug compounds and other biochemicals.

Data generated from CubeSats in space is not only high-value, unique and powerful but also can enable new discoveries in the areas of drug discovery, development and design in addition to drug repurposing which has proven to be a vital area of discovery as shown by the recent example of Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy (semaglutide), a weight loss drug, which has been shown to help patients lose an average of 15% of their weight, also reduced incidence of heart attack, stroke or death from heart disease by 20%.

Vector Space Biosciences founder and CEO, Kasian Franks, states: “Without understanding how to protect and repair the human body during spaceflight, we simply won’t be establishing lunar bases or going to Mars anytime soon. However, if we focus on creating solutions in this area now, we can develop and repurpose new therapeutic applications in precision medicine that benefit all mankind, today. This is the focus of Vector Space Biosciences.”

Vector Space Biosciences trades under the cryptocurrency symbol SBIO and enables payments via its subsidiary, Vectorspace AI and its utility token, VXV.

About Vector Space Biosciences, Inc.

Vector Space Biosciences, Inc., (SBIO), parent company of Vectorspace AI (VXV), along with its scientific collaborators, design, develop and launch biological small satellites (CubeSats) for purpose of generating and interpreting unique datasets related to microgravity and radiation. This leads to the development of countermeasures against diseases associated to stressors connected to protecting and repairing the human body during spaceflight. This includes using a network of scientific data engineering pipelines for building targeted language models resulting in real-time datasets which power Artificial Intelligence (AI) operations in space biosciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical development. Working with leading scientific labs in the areas of human aging, cancer, and nutrigenomics, our goal is to accelerate the process of new hypothesis generation and novel discoveries in space biosciences, including materials sciences in the area of nanotechnology and nanomedicines. Developing advanced large and small language modeling/AI technologies, our platform is capable of producing more than 100,000,000,000 different real-time datasets for the purpose of accelerating discoveries. Innovations in space biosciences result in products and services for all industries, including the financial markets, more importantly, new forms of precision medicine for all humankind. Please visit us at for more information.


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First published on Tue, Nov 21, 2023

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