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Skincare Brand Amen Taps Hypernet Labs to Mint Amen Muse Charity NFTs

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The NFTs will be gifted to all users who donate $100 or more to the Ameōn Cares not-for-profit, with 100 percent of donation proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hypernet Labs, a Web3 infrastructure company offering enterprise-scale NFT minting, has today announced its partnership with skincare brand Ameōn to create “Ameōn Muse” NFTs – five digitally-rendered characters that embody the products and values Ameōn represents. Founded by designer and entrepreneur Alina Mehrle after experiencing the physical and emotional effects of fighting breast cancer, Ameōn was created to provide high-quality skincare products that use only clean, high quality ingredients and balance the latest innovations with spiritually-inspired self-care rituals.

“My journey with Ameōn has been a very personal one,” said Alina Mehrle. “After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30, I wanted to find a way not just to make it through my treatment, but to maintain healing beauty rituals with products that were powerful, yet delicate enough for my sensitive skin. We combined biotechnology with nature-derived ingredients to create products that provide the best skincare for those who need it most, while also fighting to end breast cancer through our not-for-profit arm Ameōn Cares.”

Ameōn Cares partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to find a cure. Thanks to this partnership with the highest rated breast cancer organization in the US, donations to Ameōn Cares will help to fund research, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world. Every donation, no matter the size, is a vital weapon in the fight against cancer and Ameōn Cares is among the first not-for-profits to recognize donors by gifting them an NFT as an enduring symbol of their contribution to a cause.

The Ameōn Muse NFTs, which are derived from Ameōn digital muses Aya X, Emma, Mia, Nova, and Rhea, represent Ameōn’s five skincare products as well as the values that the company most admires – courage, curiosity, creativity, kindness and inclusivity. For every $100 donated Ameōn Cares, donors will receive an Ameōn Muse NFT of their choice as a gift.

“Alina had a vision for these muses, and Hypernet has helped to turn that into a reality,” said Ameōn Cares Managing Director Aleks Mehrle. “We wanted a partner that would help us to bridge the divide between the digital and real world – to make Web3 accessible to an audience that will likely not be very familiar with Web3 technology or NFTs and Hypernet did just that. Each Ameōn Muse NFT represents a $100 donation. $100 can fund 5 liquid biopsy collection kits for a BCRF-supported clinical trial. $500 - represented by 5 Ameōn Muses - can fund one patient’s DNA sequencing in a BCRF-supported lab. This is Web3 helping save lives in real life.”

Hypernet will use its proprietary enterprise scale NFT minting technology, Hypernet.Mint, to create the Ameōn Muse NFTs, which will be minted on Polygon. Hypernet.Mint offers highly-configurable NFTs for enterprise-scale solutions, enabling businesses, organizations, and creators to develop new ways to expand, connect, and reward loyalty within their communities.

“I have always been a believer that, beyond the financial revolution, blockchain technology can provide a new avenue for social philanthropy. Ameōn is building the tools to accelerate funding into cancer research, and Hypernet is happy to facilitate their efforts by providing the infrastructure to mint their Ameōn Muse NFTs,” said Ivan Ravlich, CEO of Hypernet. “This project is exciting, inspiring, and revolutionary, and the Hypernet team could not be prouder to play a small part in Ameōn’s mission.”

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From June 1, 2022 through August 1, 2022, all donations to Ameōn Cares as well as 20 percent of proceeds from all sales on the Ameōn website using the promo code “BCRFMUSE” will be given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Customers using this code also receive a 10 percent discount on their purchase.

About Ameōn: Founded and run by cancer survivor Alina Mehrle, Ameōn is an innovative, wellness driven skincare brand that harnesses the power of biotechnology for maximum efficacy. Fusing science with nurturing, tactile rituals, Ameōn develops healing and rejuvenating skincare products using only clean, high quality ingredients and balancing the latest innovations with spiritually-inspired selfcare. Ameōn can be experienced by booking a cryo-facial at its zen-inspired treatment room, which is an urban oasis inside The Salon Project at Equinox Rockefeller Center. Ameōn Cares is Ameōn’s affiliated 501(C)3. Ameōn Cares is responsible for coordinating Ameōn’s charity efforts and raising funds on behalf of various cancer-related causes. Learn more at www.ameō

About Hypernet: Hypernet is a Palo Alto, California-based cyber-infrastructure company building the tools to facilitate the transition to Web3, focused especially on cross chain solutions that deliver secure identity of people and digital assets. By focusing on enterprise-scale low-code and no-code applications, Hypernet aims to make Web3 solutions easy to adopt for creators and enterprises. For more information about Hypernet, please visit


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First published on Thu, Jun 16, 2022

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