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San Diegos Iconic Pride And Comic-Con Weekends Drove Massive Spike In Bird Ridership

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Riders spent over 2,000 hours on Bird scooters, riding more than 9,600 miles and saving an estimated 1.36 metric tons in CO2 emissions

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bird Global, Inc. (NYSE:BRDS), a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation, today reported a surge in ridership over the course of two momentous weekends in San Diego, demonstrating the critical role micromobility plays in the community including during major events. Riders spent over 2,000 hours on Birds and rode for more than 9,600 miles during the annual San Diego Pride Parade, one of the largest in the United States, and Comic-Con® International: San Diego. Combined, Bird riders saved an estimated 1.36 metric tons in CO2 emissions over the two weekends.

“The level of ridership we saw in San Diego over these two weekends is a testament to the value and benefit that convenient and eco-friendly micromobility solutions can bring to a city during high traffic events,” said Stewart Lyons, President of Bird Global. “From concerts to conventions, consumers are hungry for alternative modes of transportation that can better their travel experience.”

San Diego’s Pride Parade weekend saw a +200% increase in rides in neighborhoods along the parade route, including Hillcrest, Balboa, and Museum District, 35% of which came from new Bird users. The majority of this spike was on July 15, the day of the parade, when compared to the weekend prior.

During San Diego Comic-Con®, which ran from July 20 through July 23, Bird ridership saw a more than 75% lift in rides in neighborhoods surrounding the convention, including Little Italy, Gaslamp, and the East Village. Convention goers used Bird scooters to replace short distance car trips to get around as evidenced by the increase in rides per user, up from 1.7 rides to 2.

“We’re proud of these results and look forward to partnering with cities to help alleviate traffic congestion while giving consumers a fun and reliable option to reduce travel time and save on parking costs during major events around the nation,” added Lyons.

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Bird is an electric vehicle company dedicated to bringing affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solutions such as e-scooters and e-bikes to communities across the world. Bird’s cleaner, affordable, and on-demand mobility solutions are available in more than 350 cities, primarily across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. We take a collaborative, community-first approach to micromobility. Bird partners closely with the cities in which it operates to provide a reliable and affordable transportation option for people who live and work there.


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First published on Mon, Jul 31, 2023

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