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SAF Tehnika Releases Spectrum Compact 10-3000 MHz For RF Parameter Measurements And Trouble

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RIGA, Latvia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#RF--SAF Tehnika’s Spectrum Compact has added the 10-3000 MHz to its lineup of spectrum analyzers, designed to meet evolving customer demands across multiple verticals. The latest version of the Spectrum Compact 0.3-3 GHz boasts an expanded frequency range, starting at 10 MHz, enabling it to be used for an even wider range of applications.

The Spectrum Compact 10-3000 MHz further strengthens the Spectrum Compact family of easy-to-use, field ready spectrum analyzers for RF parameter measurements and troubleshooting, according to SAF Tehnika. Use applications include public safety communications, broadcasting and live events, utilities and transportation communications, military communication, and electronic warfare applications. It also performs RF physical layer measurements for wireless communications for public safety (P25/APCO-25, DMR) as well as utilities (SCADA).

“Our customers’ needs are always at the forefront, and we are thrilled to offer them the optimized version of the Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzer,” said Jānis Bergs, VP Global Sales & Marketing and President of SAF North America. “The Spectrum Compact 10-3000 MHz is a versatile solution, further strengthening performance in RF parameter measurements and troubleshooting. It is the ultimate tool for engineers, technicians, and other professionals who need fast and accurate RF spectrum measurements in the field.”

Aivis Danovskis, Product Manager for SAF Tehnika, also expressed gratitude to partners who helped gain market insights and develop the new Spectrum Compact, “Thanks to the constant collaboration, delivering the new Spectrum Compact is intuitive and mostly predetermined by the end-user's positive response.”

The Spectrum Compact 10-3000 MHz is available now and interested customers can contact SAF Tehnika for more information.

About SAF Tehnika:

SAF Tehnika JSC is a leading designer and manufacturer of RF data transmission equipment, with a global presence in over 130 countries. The company provides wireless products that connect people, companies and communities to critical information, making the execution of daily activities convenient and safer for all.


Jonathan Labadie

First published on Thu, Apr 27, 2023

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