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RFIDKNOW Unveils Innovative And Affordable FlexAntenna

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GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technology pioneer RFIDKNOW has released its ground-breaking industrial RFID portal, designed to be scalable, robust and easy to deploy. The RFIDKNOW FlexAntenna completely transforms traditional RFID portal reading systems, by blending technology innovation with practicality. The result is a reader portal that is easy to ship, handle and install, with exceptional read performance.

Demand for visibility into supply chains is driving the need for affordable, modular RFID reader portals in warehouses and distribution centers. Many existing RFID antenna solutions can be a challenge to ship and install at busy dock doors and conveyors. Ability to rapidly deploy industrial RFID systems without heavy equipment is crucial for large-scale deployments.

RFIDKNOW is uniquely positioned to offer a solution to RFID functionality and affordability. Its leadership has decades of experience advising companies on a wide variety of RAIN RFID projects. “It became clear that existing RFID portals were not cost effective, convenient, or accurate enough to meet industry needs,” says Joe Hoerl, the company’s principal consultant. “RFIDKNOW decided to take action and developed FlexAntenna.”

Developed in cooperation with industry-leading antenna design firm Innovoi, Ltd., the patent-pending FlexAntenna’s modular multilinear antennas represent a completely new engineering approach to RFID tag reading and portal manufacturing. With focused beams this innovative new technology captures RFID tag reads from all orientations for best-in-class performance.

The FlexAntenna is optimized for ease of transportation and installation. In addition to being modular, compact and lightweight to reduce shipping costs, FlexAntenna boasts a robust aluminum enclosure that withstands the rigors of industrial environments. Deployments are seamless, since the FlexAntenna can be fitted with leading RFID readers and associated software systems, right out of the box.

RFIDKNOW's FlexAntenna has not only proven its technical capabilities but also stands out in practicality. Its flexible design ensures ease of shipping, allowing for reduced logistics challenges, but has also surpassed the performance of other RFID portals,” says Danny Kwoka, RMS Omega Technologies’ business development manager. “After several series of rigorous tests, the FlexAntenna consistently outperforms its counterparts, showcasing its superior tag reading capabilities. RMS Omega Technologies is excited to announce its partnership with RFIDKNOW as a solutions integration partner.”

The FlexAntenna is manufactured in the USA and available at scale, today. RFIDKNOW provides custom branding.

About RFIDKNOW: RFIDKNOW is a high-tech antenna manufacturer and services consulting firm that leverages its years of wireless experience and successes to help solution providers plan, conduct trials, select technologies, and implement industrial RFID and short-range wireless IoT solutions best suited for each application. RFIDKNOW’s business is underpinned by our strong system integrator partner ecosystem along with advanced manufacturing methods, R&D, and a range of highly qualified team members.


Joe Hoerl
Principal Consultant
Phone: +1 864 881 2282

First published on Mon, Mar 11, 2024

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