TechDogs-"Revolent Launches ReSkill: a Unique Salesforce-accredited Talent Offering to Help Organizations Reskill Their Existing Workforces"

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Revolent Launches ReSkill: a Unique Salesforce-accredited Talent Offering to Help Organizations Reskill Their Existing Workforces

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TechDogs-"Revolent Launches ReSkill: a Unique Salesforce-accredited Talent Offering to Help Organizations Reskill Their Existing Workforces"
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a post-pandemic world, cloud services like those provided by Salesforce, have replaced on-premise IT solutions at such an exponential rate that IDC now predicts the Salesforce economy alone will create 9.3 million new jobs and over $1.6 trillion in new business revenue, by 2026. Yet, despite the boom in digital transformation, the demand for skilled professionals still far outstrips supply, resulting in a large global cloud skills gap.

And with access to talent being a critical success factor for any organization that requires digital transformation – or wants to maintain an existing cloud-based system – businesses around the world are facing a huge dearth of the skilled professionals they need to keep up in a digital-first economy.

To help organizations level up their Salesforce team with the skills needed to take on new and more complex business requirements, Revolent – the cloud talent creation experts – have launched Revolent ReSkill.

Revolent ReSkill is a unique program that allows organizations to reskill consultants from other technologies or practices into Salesforce or upskill their existing workforce with advanced Salesforce certifications and consultancy skills, in order to solve their skills gaps, improve utilization, and meet the technical demands of more complex projects through Salesforce.

The Salesforce-accredited training program, which is currently available to Salesforce partners and customers in the US and EMEA, offers a unique blend of advanced certifications in industry and functional fields such as Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and OmniStudio, as well as advanced consultancy skills training.

“ReSkill goes far beyond typical certification training or bootcamps and looks at the skills that organizations need their employees to have in a more holistic way. Our instructor-led implementation readiness bootcamps focus on practical application and consultative skills development, through a combination of theory learning, hands-on experience, certification preparation, and consultancy skills training. This ensures that reskilled employees can deliver on complex Salesforce projects from the moment a bootcamp ends.” Says Ian Clark, Chief Executive Officer - Revolent EMEA/APAC.

The driving force behind the program is to help organizations future-proof their Salesforce teams, which is why 60% of bootcamp training time is spent on practical applications in order to create implementation-ready talent. Revolent have the highest number of in-house Authorized Salesforce Trainers in the world, as well as an industry leading first-time certification pass rate of 82%. Meaning Revolent is well placed to help organizations overcome their current skills gaps through this new program.

“It's really exciting to see such a unique and valuable offering go to market in our ecosystem. The ability to upskill our ecosystem through Revolent empowers Salesforce partners and customers to build the advanced skills they need within their organization while improving retention rates for their Salesforce professionals. ” Says Don Lynch, SVP Worldwide Strategic Alliances at Salesforce.

In the words of Jon Flaherty, Chief Executive Officer - Revolent Americas, “ReSkill addresses some of the real pain points in our sector. Not only does it allow partners and customers to level up their Salesforce team at scale, but it also helps increase utilization by moving existing employees to higher bill rates and higher demand fields, while improving staff retention through investment in their existing talent.”

To find out more about Revolent and their work with Salesforce, visit

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Revolent, a division of Tenth Revolution Group, specializes in creating net-new talent and reskilling professionals to thrive within specialist cloud technologies, including Salesforce, Microsoft, and AWS. With hubs located in the US, EMEA, Australia, and Canada, Revolent recruits, cross-trains, and places talent for those ecosystems, fueling the tech industry with certified cloud specialists from diverse backgrounds. Revolent also reskills existing workforces with advanced industry certifications and consultative skills to help organizations meet demand for complex cloud projects.


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First published on Tue, Sep 20, 2022

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