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Resecurity Introduces Digital Identity Protection Solution To Safeguard Consumers In The Philippines

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Resecurity (USA), a global cybersecurity solutions provider protecting major Fortune 100 corporations and government agencies worldwide, proudly unveils its latest consumer protection offering tailored for the Filipino market: Identity Protection solution. The support of new geographical region fully compliant with Data Privacy Act (“DPA”) will positively impact the Philippines digital transformation landscape, becoming the first solution on the market to protect Filipinos, supporting recognition of leaked national IDs, accounts, passwords and leaked data online.

With population over 115,6 million and strategic role in Indo-Pacific, the Philippines is experiencing an exponential digitization across key market verticals coupled with growth of cybersecurity threats originating from cybercriminals and nation-state actors; the solution aims to provide unparalleled ongoing protection to individuals and businesses against a myriad of digital risks including Dark Web activity, Account Takeover, and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) exposure. The solution is delivered based on Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) models enabling local MSSPs and IT Service Providers to protect their users.

The digital landscape in the Philippines is rapidly evolving, driven by increased internet penetration and mobile connectivity. However, this rapid digital transformation has also exposed individuals and organizations to many cyber threats. According to a report by Kroll, a leading financial and risk advisory firm, the Philippines ranks among the most vulnerable countries in the region, facing a substantial risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.

Ben Ouano, COO of Resecurity (APAC), emphasized the critical need for cybersecurity advancements in the Philippines, stating, "With the rapid growth of digital adoption in the country, including internet and mobile connectivity, it is crucial to adapt to cybersecurity advancements in the Philippines. Our mission at Resecurity is to empower individuals with the tools and resources to safeguard their digital identities and protect against evolving threats. Whether protecting against identity theft, fraud, or other cyber threats, we are committed to empowering individuals and businesses with the tools they need to stay secure online."

The prevalence of cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and data breaches has become a significant concern for individuals and businesses across various sectors in the Philippines. These cyber incidents often have severe consequences, including financial losses, data theft, business interruptions, and economic damage.

Resecurity's Identity Protection services are now available in the Philippines, offering individuals and businesses proactive protection against cyber threats.

To learn more about Resecurity's Identity Protection services and how to safeguard your digital identity, visit

About Resecurity

Resecurity® is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified endpoint protection, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence platform. Known for providing best-of-breed data-driven intelligence solutions, Resecurity's services and platforms focus on early-warning identification of data breaches and comprehensive protection against cybersecurity risks. Founded in 2016, it has been globally recognized as one of the world's most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of enabling organizations to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are. Most recently, Resecurity was named one of the Top 10 fastest-growing private cybersecurity companies in Los Angeles, California, by Inc. Magazine. An Official Partner of the Cybercrime Atlas by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Member of InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA), AFCEA, NDIA, SIA, FS-ISAC and the American Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia (AmChamKSA), Singapore (AmChamSG), Korea (AmChamKorea), Mexico (AmChamMX), Thailand (AmChamThailand), and UAE (AmChamDubai). To learn more about Resecurity, visit


Gene Yoo

First published on Mon, Apr 22, 2024

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