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Redivider Names nZero Carbon Management Platform To Transform Data Center Industry And

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nZero platform to provide emissions transparency for Redivider’s edge data centers

DOVER, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a quest to set a new standard in data center emissions transparency, Redivider has selected nZero’s carbon management platform for its upcoming zero-emission edge data centers. nZero is the leading real-time carbon management and accounting platform that tracks and operationalizes emissions data to help organizations reach their carbon reduction goals.

“With energy consumption at an all-time high and a leading problem for today’s specialized computing and data centers in general, Redivider aims to usher in a new era of carbon transparency,” said Tom Frazier, co-founder & CEO, Redivider. “With nZero’s carbon accounting platform, Redivider can lead the discussion on true transparency of emissions and help guide the marketplace into a better direction for humanity and the planet alike.”

nZero is the only carbon management platform that offers transparency and empowers change through accurate, 24/7 carbon accounting and emissions tracking. The company provides full visibility into a company’s carbon footprint and delivers key insights needed to make data-driven decisions. nZero has won numerous awards for its innovation and is helping organizations around the globe take control of their impacts on the planet.

“Data is a necessity in today’s society but we can’t consume without carefully considering its impact. Accurate emissions measurements are vital to operating sustainably, but many data centers are tracking with outdated average figures,” said Adam Kramer, CEO of nZero. “Our partnership with Redivider sets a new standard for the industry, putting sustainability top of mind for development as they work to meet energy demand. We’re excited to help support a company that invests upfront in their ESG strategy to better serve the communities they work in.”

“Achieving carbon neutrality has been a cornerstone of my platform and something I have tirelessly advocated for,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Redivider advisory board member. “This partnership between Redivider and nZero will set a new standard in carbon tracking transparency that will further Redivider’s ambitious Energy-As-Impact agenda.”

Redivider was founded in 2021 by Tom Frazier, Eric Appelblom and a team of veteran data center experts on a mission to simultaneously deliver zero emission edge data centers while bolstering new economic opportunity zones.

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About nZero

nZero is a near real-time (NRT) carbon management and accounting platform that gives NGOs, government agencies and organizations the accurate emissions data they need to reach net zero, communicate their story, and make smart decisions that benefit the health of the planet. Unlike carbon management offerings who rely on third-party data and opaque averages, nZero gathers accurate, first-party, contextual data into a comprehensive view, making it simple for organizations to pinpoint opportunities within their operations to implement carbon reduction actions and spend smarter along the way. nZero’s awards and recognitions include the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) Existing Industry 2022 “Leader in Sustainability” Award, Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Sustainability Product of the Year Award, a place on TIME Magazine’s 2022 Best Inventions List in the Sustainability Category, as well as an honorable mention on Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas List.

About Redivider

Redivider is delivering energy as impact by deploying zero emission edge data centers. The company is delivering on its mission to uplift humanity and create a positive environmental impact by introducing hydrogen-powered, modular edge data centers throughout United States Opportunity Zones, creating jobs where America needs them. By focusing on people, planet and profits, in that order, Redivider is solving the business need for increased computing amidst scarce energy while helping close the US economic divide. For more information, visit


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First published on Thu, Apr 27, 2023

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