TechDogs-"Raspberry Software/Penalty Services Join Forces With Arcadea Group To Spearhead Innovation And Growth"

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Raspberry Software/Penalty Services Join Forces With Arcadea Group To Spearhead Innovation And Growth

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LONDON & TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Raspberry Software, frontrunner in the UK rail software & services industry, proudly announces a majority recapitalization with Arcadea Group, a long-hold, growth-oriented investor in global software companies. This partnership marks a pivotal step in Raspberry Software’s journey to enhance product innovation and accelerate growth while providing the business a permanent and stable home for the long-term.

Raspberry, which provides Revenue Protection Software as well as Penalty Fare Appeals Services, will see its founders and leaders, Andy Jeff, Peter Jarvis, and Simon Hopper – along with the entire Raspberry team – remain in their leadership positions. In their roles, they will continue to guide the company’s preeminent product and services offerings in support of their customers.

Peter Jarvis shared his enthusiasm: “When we started Raspberry, we never imagined the impact we’d have on our valued customers, let alone our teams and the industry as a whole. This partnership with Arcadea is a strategic move to scale our operations and secure long-term stability. Arcadea’s commitment to long-term growth, combined with their proven track record in empowering software companies, makes them the ideal partner for our next phase of expansion.”

Paul Yancich, Managing Director and Co-founder of Arcadea, commented, “Andy, Peter, and Simon have built a tremendous business, one that expertly solves the problems for its customers, through industry leading technology, services, and support. The rail industry is unique in many ways, and Raspberry’s commitment to providing the solutions and services its customers want have served them incredibly well. We intend to honor that customer centricity and the Company’s customers can take comfort knowing the business has found a forever home.”

Daniel Eisen, Managing Director and Co-founder of Arcadea, added, “Andy, Simon, and Peter have built an exceptionally efficient and successful business via their focus on customers and responsible growth. We are thrilled to partner with the team and look forward to nurturing its success in the decades to come.”

About Raspberry

Raspberry is the UK rail-market leader in both revenue protection software and mobile solutions as well as Penalty Fare Appeals services. Their mission-critical solutions and services increase efficiency and boost profitability, providing customers with a reliable and effective solution that they can depend on.

About Arcadea Group

Arcadea Group invests in high-quality, strongly growing software companies over extremely long durations. Based in Toronto and investing globally, Arcadea leverages its significant permanent capital base to focus exclusively on businesses with long-term potential and ambitions.


Peter Jarvis
Director, Raspberry

Paul Yancich
Managing Director, Arcadea Group

First published on Tue, May 21, 2024

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