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Rachel Smythes Global WEBTOON Sensation Lore Olympus Wins 2022 Eisner Award for Best Webcomic

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The hit digital comic has accumulated over 1.2 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers on WEBTOON, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, and is in development as an animated series

WEBTOON's first Eisner Award win comes as the company's content and creators are building new fandoms and reaching new audiences like never before

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following the 2022 Eisner Awards at Comic-Con International: San Diego, WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comics platform, is celebrating Rachel Smythe’s “Lore Olympus” win for Best Webcomic.

Inspired by Greek mythology, “Lore Olympus” is a stylish and immersive contemporary retelling of mythological lore that has accumulated more than 1.2 billion global views on WEBTOON. The webcomic, which launched on WEBTOON in 2018, quickly grew to be the #1 most-read series on the platform. The series has become a global phenomenon, with a multi-book deal with Del Rey Books, an animated series in development from Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and The Jim Henson Company, merchandise, and more.

The win is a first for both Smythe and WEBTOON, and follows growing global fandom and accolades for “Lore Olympus.” Volume One of the “Lore Olympus” graphic novel reached #1 on the New York Times Best-Seller list in November 2021. The comic won France’ Prix Babelio - Bande Dessinée earlier this year, a prestigious Harvey Award in 2021, the 2021 Good Reads Choice Award for Best Graphic Novel, and was one of NPR’s critics’ recommendations for 2021. Lore Olympus was previously nominated for an Eisner Award in 2019 and Ringo Award in 2021.

“I couldn’t be more excited to receive this incredible award, and am honored to be the first WEBTOON creator to accomplish this achievement,” said Rachel Smythe. “‘Lore Olympus’ has been life-changing for me, and I am so proud to share this story with WEBTOON’s global community.”

“Rachel Smythe is a singular storyteller and creative talent who we are proud to work with every day,” said Ken Kim, CEO of WEBTOON Americas. “‘Lore Olympus’ has captivated readers and built a massive global fanbase with its incredible art and storytelling. As one of Rachel’s biggest fans, I am thrilled to see her work and vision recognized with this award, which is the latest example of what we already know at WEBTOON: that WEBTOON creators are the most exciting and innovative comic creators in the world.”

The Eisner Awards are among the most prestigious accolades in the comic industry. Named for acclaimed comics creator Will Eisner, the awards celebrated their 34th year of bringing attention to and highlighting the best publications and creators in comics and graphic novels. Previous winners include many of comics’ biggest names and titles, including artists and storytellers like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson, Frank Miller, Fiona Staples, and many others.

This first-ever Eisner Award for a WEBTOON series is the latest instance of the platform’s growing influence and success among fans and the comic industry. WEBTOON has forged a series of high-profile collaborations and partnerships with brands like Marvel, DC Comics, Archie Comics, and HYBE, the latter for the record-breaking BTS-inspired series “7FATES: CHAKHO.” Additionally, a series of on-screen adaptations, including global Netflix hits Hellbound, All of Us are Dead, and Sweet Home, have brought WEBTOON’s digital comics to new audiences like never before.

WEBTOON is the world’s largest platform for digital comics, with 82 million monthly active users globally, including 15 million users in the U.S. Launched in Korea in 2004 and in the U.S. in 2014, WEBTOON has become a global cultural phenomenon.

WEBTOON pioneered the distribution of webcomics and the innovative vertical scroll format, designed to be mobile-friendly and geared toward a new generation of digital-savvy creators and audiences. The company has reinvigorated the comics industry over the last two decades by making it easy for creators to publish and share their stories and for audiences to discover and consume them.

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WEBTOON® is the world's largest digital comics platform, home to some of the biggest artists, IP, and fandoms in comics. As the global leader and pioneer of the mobile webcomic format, WEBTOON has revolutionized the comics industry for comic fans and creators. Today, a diverse new generation of international comic artists have found a home on WEBTOON, where the company’s storytelling technology allows anyone to become a creator and build a global audience for their stories.

With a massive catalog of incredible digital comics from rising stars on WEBTOON CANVAS, and a growing roster of superstar WEBTOON Originals creators, there’s something for every type of comic fan on WEBTOON. With an average of 82+ million monthly active users, and WEBTOON adaptations on Netflix, HBO Max, and other screens around the world, WEBTOON’s passionate fandoms are the new face of pop culture. The company has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, HYBE, and many more of the world’s biggest entertainment brands.

The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices.



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First published on Sat, Jul 23, 2022

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