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Quest Technology Management Honored With Two Visionary Spotlight Awards From ChannelVision Magazine

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ChannelVision Identifies Industry’s Best-in-Class

ROSEVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quest Technology Management (Quest) is proud to announce that it has been recognized with two prestigious awards by ChannelVision Magazine in their 2023 Visionary Spotlight Awards. Quest was awarded in the categories of "Channel Programs of the Year" and "Vertical Markets and Deployments," an honor that underlines Quest’s commitment to innovation, client-focused solutions, and outstanding service.

ChannelVision Magazine, a leading voice in the field of technology and communications, presents the awards to acknowledge intelligent solutions and remarkable contributions to the industry. The Visionary Spotlight Awards honor outstanding companies like Quest that are reshaping the technology landscape.

The "Channel Programs of the Year" award recognizes Quest’s commitment to going beyond the traditional role of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). With more than 40 years of experience, Quest provides its partners with a variety of resources that extend into various IT and cybersecurity sectors. Quest strives to empower partners to deliver exceptional service to their clients and is proud to support its partners' growth and enhance their capacity to meet their clients' objectives.

In the "Vertical Markets and Deployments" category, ChannelVision highlighted Quest’s Technical Program Management (TPM) and Merger and Acquisitions Technical Management Solutions. These services provide comprehensive support to companies navigating the complexities of system unification, delivering on-site resources and adeptly managing intricate IT projects.

“We are honored to present Quest Technology Management with a 2023 ‘Channel Programs of the Year’ and ‘Vertical Markets and Deployments’ VSA,” said Beka Business Media president and CEO Berge Kaprelian. “Congratulations to the entire team at Quest.”

The Quest Technology Partner Program was established 15 years ago when Quest began providing its partners with access to a network of industry-leading technology specialists focused on combining their strengths with expertise and breadth of products and services. Quest helps propel businesses towards outstanding results while allowing them to work with a single provider.

“This recognition demonstrates Quest's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions and expert guidance to our partners and clients,” remarked Adam Burke, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships. “Our unwavering commitment to industry excellence and our proactive approach to developing innovative solutions have distinguished us in our field. We're grateful to ChannelVision Magazine for this recognition and look forward to continuing our mission of driving transformation in the world of IT management.”

About the Visionary Spotlight Awards

ChannelVision’s annual Visionary Spotlight Awards competition was created to highlight channel and service provider innovation in communications. The awards honor outstanding products, services, and deployments across numerous technology categories. Visionary Spotlight Award winners exemplify this goal, showcasing the communications industry’s overall innovation, capacity for future-thinking execution, creativity, and feature set differentiation; and offering channel partners a cornucopia of opportunities to boost their roles as trusted providers.

For more information about the Visionary Spotlight Awards program, click here or contact Berge Kaprelian at

About Quest Technology Management:

Quest Technology Management is a leading global technology management firm. For over 40 years, it has worked seamlessly with its clients to achieve their technology and business goals. Quest delivers IT managed, cloud, consulting, staffing, and support services for cybersecurity, disaster recovery, incident response, unified communications and carrier solutions, virtualization, networking, application development, data center, and physical infrastructure including access control, wireless design, video conferencing, and cabling/fiber optic. Quest’s unique and flexible service level agreement, QuestFlex®, allows companies to customize managed technologies on-premises, off-site, or in the cloud with one of our US-based or international service delivery centers.

For more information about Quest Technology Management, click here.


Darcy Baker
VP, Marketing

First published on Tue, Aug 8, 2023

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