TechDogs-"Quantalytix Releases Next Generation of Enterprise Bank Management Software"

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Quantalytix Releases Next Generation of Enterprise Bank Management Software

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----Data analytics platform now features new data integration module, enhanced loan monitoring module to deliver quality assurance and actionable analytics--

TechDogs-"Quantalytix Releases Next Generation of Enterprise Bank Management Software"
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quantalytix, the provider of cloud-based Enterprise Bank Management (EBM) software for financial institutions, announced today the availability of the second generation of its Enterprise Bank Management software featuring a new Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) module, as well as an enhanced Loan Portfolio Management (LPM) module. Developed and launched by two former bankers, the latest release of the EBM software now includes the industry’s first automated quality assurance data checks and data guards to improve overall data accuracy.

Quantalytix’s cloud-based software equips community financial institutions with actionable intelligence needed to implement a sound data strategy. The new ETL module connects multiple data sources, including various cores, flat files, and enterprise database systems, into a single location. Erroneous information is automatically detected and blocked from entering the system, improving the integrity and accuracy of the data. Additionally, Quantalytix released an enhanced LPM Module with faster, more robust reporting and analysis. The system can now compile and aggregate millions of datapoints within milliseconds, providing financial institutions real-time access to information needed to effectively identify and monitor problems, as well as opportunities to drive growth and gain efficiencies.

“Having easy access to critical data and timely insights is more important today than ever,” said Aliotta. “Unfortunately, most community banks lack the necessary resources required to develop and maintain a results-driven data strategy. Our EBM software equips community banks with the intelligence and insights needed to drive a successful data strategy, without requiring any additional resources or specialized training. We are committed to constantly improving our system and this latest release provides community FIs an edge over the competition with an easy-to-use interface that provides richer intelligence and actionable insights.”

For the next release, Quantalytix is developing new screens and enhancements that will maximize prepayment and credit default analysis. Likewise, the ETL module will deliver more database and file options, and comprehensive balance sheet reporting and dashboarding will be available.

About Quantalytix

Based in Birmingham, Ala., Quantalytix was founded by two former bankers who recognized a void in the current marketplace. In response, the company launched a cloud-based software and enterprise bank management platform that serves as a single-source of truth for reporting, analysis, and profitability to drive actionable analytics. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing business systems, automatically aggregates data and provides real-time views of performance to enable more efficient operations, improve the customer experience, increase profitability and boost productivity.

Working with both traditional and non-traditional lenders, more than $7 billion in loan volume is currently managed on the Quantalytix platform. The platform is SOC2 Type 1 compliant and includes built-in quality assurance checks and sophisticated security features to ensure the highest levels of data integrity.

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First published on Fri, Dec 16, 2022

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