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QAD Adaptive ERP Wins Embedded Analytics Solution Of The Year In 2023 Data Breakthrough Awards

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Cloud ERP solution recognized for its comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QAD Inc., a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud, announced QAD Adaptive ERP, with its comprehensive set of self-service analytics and reporting capabilities, has been selected as winner of the “Embedded Analytics Solution of the Year” award in the fourth annual Data Breakthrough Awards program.

The annual Data Breakthrough Awards is the premier awards program founded to recognize the data technology innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the world in a range of categories, including Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Storage and many more. The 4th annual Data Breakthrough Award program attracted more than 2,000 nominations from across the globe.

“Many manufacturing companies view the recent data explosion as an opportunity to make their companies more 'data driven.’ However, many have doubts about the data’s validity. At the same time, though expensive data scientists and analysts possess the skills required to use analytics models and tools, they usually lack an understanding about manufacturing operations,” said Charles Sutherland, chief product officer at QAD. “We built QAD Adaptive ERP to deliver the real-time business and operational insights they need in one solution. Offering all the technology, tools and pre-built analytics models in QAD Adaptive ERP eliminates the need for a separate system, skills and investment and helps manufacturers lower the cost of analytics and reporting."

The analytics and reporting capabilities of QAD Adaptive ERP make use of trusted, core ERP data to ensure data validity. Apache Spark algorithms take care of processing large datasets at lightning speeds. QAD Adaptive ERP includes a Cassandra data lake to capture both ERP and production execution data. The data lake supports large queries, enhancing the data discovery experience, and the data lake can be configured to support third-party data to address “big data” style analytics needs. By using a data lake as a source of real-time and near real-time data, the embedded analytics reflects the actual state of the business. Every business area includes a set of pre-defined analytics, meaning that analytics are an inherent part of the onboarding and daily use.

“Global manufacturers need timely, accurate, trusted data-sourced insights to successfully manage their business and optimize operations - especially during turbulent times. Manufacturers are also experiencing dramatic growth in the amount of data produced and consumed due to increasing value chain digitization associated with technologies such as IoT. Too often the analytics and reporting tools they have are difficult to learn, use and adapt to a specific user’s needs,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, Data Breakthrough. “QAD Adaptive ERP addresses these complexities head-on, with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities that enable users to obtain and use their insight in the context of applicable business and decision-making processes. The underlying ERP data is a single source-of-truth, resulting in trustworthy analytics outcomes. Congratulations to QAD for their breakthrough innovation and for a well-deserved 2023 Data Breakthrough Award win.”

About Data Breakthrough

Part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading global provider of market intelligence and recognition platforms for technology innovation and leadership, the Data Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring innovation and market disruption in data technologies, services, companies and products. The global Data Breakthrough Awards program provides a forum for public recognition around the achievements of data companies and solutions in categories including data analytics, management, infrastructure and hardware, storage, Business Intelligence and more. For more information visit

About QAD – Enabling Adaptive Enterprises

QAD Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. To succeed in a turbulent world, facing disruptions in supply and fluctuations in demand, manufacturers and supply chains must rapidly respond to change and seamlessly optimize agility, efficiency, and resilience for effective customer service. QAD delivers Adaptive Applications to enable these Adaptive Enterprises.

Founded in Santa Barbara, California, QAD has customers in 84 countries around the world. Thousands of companies have deployed QAD enterprise solutions including enterprise resource planning (ERP), digital commerce (DC), supplier relationship management (SRM), digital supply chain planning (DSCP), global trade and transportation execution (GTTE) and enterprise quality management system (EQMS). To learn more, visit or call +1 805-566-6100. Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“QAD” is a registered trademark of QAD. All other products or company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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First published on Thu, Apr 13, 2023

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QAD Inc Manufacturing And Supply Chain Solutions In The Cloud Data Breakthrough Awards Program

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