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PropTech Innovator VeriFast: Data Analytics Essential To Colorblind Mortgage Process

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Allegations of prejudice against top lenders highlight inaccuracy and bias of credit report algorithms, creating “redlining 2.0.”

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VeriFast, the AI-powered Verification-as-a-Service platform that automates financial analysis and decision making for tenant screening, mortgage underwriting, and other verticals, responded today to the upcoming Senate investigation into the discrimination by mortgage lenders. In 2022, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) rejected more than half of conventional mortgage applications from African Americans. Innovative solutions, including objective, data-driven application processes that don’t rely on flawed credit scores, can prevent the inherent racial bias of credit reports from interfering with home purchases and create a level playing field for all applicants.

“People of color have long known about these unfair practices, which are often driven by the lending industry’s overreliance on inaccurate and biased credit checks,” said Tim Ray, Co-Founder and CEO OF VeriFast. “The statistics are disturbing, but are unfortunately inevitable when lenders base decisions on incomplete models that often include errors and incorporate structural racism. This isn't just a mortgage problem but also a rental applicant screening problem. Transparent, data-driven approaches can help people attain home ownership and get into better apartments. These solutions will show lenders the whole picture, reduce risk, and remove race from the equation to keep homeowning dreams from being deferred.”

In past decades, banks would often refuse home loans, mortgages, and insurance to applicants who lived in low-income areas. This practice, called redlining, prevented people of color from moving to more affluent neighborhoods. Though declared illegal in 1968, failing to account for biases baked into borrower screening algorithms threatens to reintroduce redlining as a modern practice.

“The mortgage industry can turn things around by adopting an objective, data-driven platform that is colorblind and uses hard-coded underwriting practices to avoid the flawed assumptions that lead to biased algorithms,” said Verifast Co-Founder and CTO Craig Schoen. “Verifast considers an applicant’s income, assets, employment history, and cashflow without invading anyone’s privacy — never race, creed, sexual or gender orientation, current neighborhood, or place of origin. Lenders can make safe bets, free from prejudice or the appearance of bias.”

About Verifast

VeriFast provides a single-source configurable API platform that allows companies to immediately validate customers’ ability to pay while eliminating fraud. Delivering deep analytics in minutes, VeriFast provides powerful consumer – borrower insights far beyond conventional credit checks. The company is based in Toronto and has customers throughout North America. VeriFast is privately held. For more information on VeriFast, please visit the company website at


Cameron Thomas for Verifast

First published on Tue, Feb 20, 2024

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