TechDogs-"Product Security-as-Code Pioneer Emerges from Stealth  Raises $38.5 Million Seed Funding, Launches Public Beta and Adds Prominent Advisor"

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Product Security-as-Code Pioneer Emerges from Stealth Raises $38.5 Million Seed Funding, Launches Public Beta and Adds Prominent Advisor

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Jit codifies and automates product security plans by wrapping the security tools engineers love across the full tech stack: code, CI/CD, IaC, runtime, APIs

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Dev--Jit, simplifying product security for developers, today announced a $38.5 million seed funding round and launched a free beta version which automates product security – translating complex security plans from written documents and spreadsheets into living security plans-as-code stored in GitHub – enabling modern engineering teams to own product security as part of their DevOps pipeline.

boldstart ventures leads the $38.5 million seed round, joined by Tiger Global Management and strategic angel investors. The company came out of FXP, a new Boston-Israel startup venture studio.

Jit builds an easy on-ramp for bringing security into the developer and DevOps workflow. By providing unified orchestration and management for the best – and most popular – open source and cloud native security tools – Jit is designed for modern engineering teams that are developing cloud native software and using continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) best practices and want to ensure that product security is there from day zero.

The company also announced that Abby Kearns, a technology executive with deep experience in cloud native and open source technologies, has joined the company’s advisory board. Kearns was CTO at Puppet, and prior to Puppet, was CEO at the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Jit allows modern engineering teams to easily orchestrate their security tools and technologies for their cloud native applications from day zero.

According to a report from Ponemon Institute, 41% of respondents say their organizations make product security a priority, while 50% of organizations say they assess product security before a product ships to customers, and 59% have lost sales due to product security concerns.

“Cybersecurity leaders are adding more tools, faster than their teams are able to implement, tune and configure them to the point where risk spend efficiency becomes out of alignment,” David Melamed, CTO, Jit. “Creating a security plan or program is too time consuming for high velocity dev and product teams. Jit streamlines technical security for engineering teams versus the practice of compliance checkboxes – all while reducing spend. We deliver the simplest approach to implementing DevSecOps where product security is delivered as a service into the CICD pipeline, with a product security plan that follows Git principles, translated to a language developers understand – code.”

“It’s clear that many modern development organizations are shifting left and implementing a variety of security tools for developers,” said Ed Sim, founder and general partner, boldstart ventures. “With the proliferation of these solutions, what’s missing is an orchestration layer which unifies a variety of open source security tools while natively integrating the security as code experience into the developer workflow. Jit is the first solution that allows developers to easily embed minimal viable security from day zero resulting in security at the speed of code."

For more, read the boldstart blog post.

Jit is free, available as self-service to empower developers to own security for the product they are building from day zero.

Anyone can go here to start using Jit today.

About Jit

Jit was founded in 2021 by David Melamed, Aviram Shmueli, as well as FXP’s Gil Zimmermann, Ron Zalkind, and Tsahy Shapsa, in order to help modern engineering teams that are developing cloud native software and using continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) to easily own product security without the common overhead. The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and backed by boldstart ventures along with TechAviv, FXP and several strategic angel investors. To learn more and get started, visit:


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First published on Wed, Jun 15, 2022

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