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Paramount Celebrates 25 Years Of Purposeful Innovation And Announces New SMB-Focused Services For Key Digital Technology Capabilities

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Paramount invites enterprises, large and small, to take advantage of limited-period offers on packaged and customized solutions, free consultations and requirements analysis, and additional early bird value-added benefits. Contact Paramount

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ITconsultants--Atlanta-based technology firm, Paramount Software Solutions, is thrilled to announce 25 years of dedication to people, governments, and the planet and furthering its founding mission of societal and environmental progress. Paramount has a unique business culture poised to stay ahead of the industry, resulting in the brand’s repeated recognition by Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and others as being one of the best companies in the business, and a top workplace for women, innovators, millennials and in the technology industry.

Led by a CEO whose desire for innovation was relentless, the company has taken a quantum leap in its sustainability initiatives in recent years through award-winning blockchain and AI-driven products that have been elemental in advancing inclusive global sustainability. Paramount is proud of its 50% women representation in leadership and technical teams, globally diverse employee base, and remote working policy that largely contribute to its ambitious innovation targets.

Launching PowerSMB - cost-effective, value-driven SMB solutions
“PowerSMB is purpose-built to help small and medium businesses combat the entry of big corp into their neighborhoods. These solutions will help redefine business realities for them through tailored technology solutions inspired by their unique needs and help them effectively tap into fast-emerging market trends with agile technology solutions.” – Vikram Simha, Director, Business Development.

The cost-effective pricing model allows SMBs to invest small and grow big as they tap into emerging customer, technology, and business trends and generate new business opportunities.

An enriching journey
In 1998, when the dot-com bubble was nearly at its peak, Paramount commenced a dramatic journey that would realize the American Dream for thousands of families. At the onset, entrepreneur and CEO, Pramod Sajja, knew a business in talent outsourcing would be a tight race, and making it would require an A team and, more importantly, a methodology that was different. Paramount was established as a futuristic brand with a ready talent pool of over 250 techies, and a unique profit-sharing model that subsequently reshaped the landscape of talent outsourcing. For over a decade, Paramount was best known for the unparalleled dedication and commitment of its small-sized immigration team that often moved mountains to secure a dream for many.

Paramount became the staffing partner of choice for US Federal, City, and State agencies in 37 states including the State of Georgia, the State of California, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. However, changing business trends gave rise to potential new business operations for the company – Paramount diversified its business to include technology and digital transformation services for enterprises and governments across the world.

Reinforcing purpose through innovation
With the launch of its blockchain and AI-driven product division in 2018, Paramount made great headway in its mission of utilizing technology to advance communities, society, industry, and the environment. Through its first innovation, Farm to Plate, Paramount’s commitment to driving shared success now extends beyond the company’s CSR initiatives. “We will continue our commitment to advancing industry, communities, society, and the environment with innovation. Today, we are building the future of food ecosystems with a focus on sustainability not just for the environment but for marginalized communities and society as a whole through an inclusive approach that enables all participants in the ecosystem to progress.” - Pramod Sajja, Founder and CEO .

Farm To Plate provides immutable, real-time track and trace that enables a 90% reduction in unnecessary food recalls. Smaller recalls reduce the need for overproduction to compensate and control prices as shortages are avoided. Farmers maintain optimum production levels, ensuring soil and environmental sustainability. The unique consumer-to-producer tipping feature enables monetary stability for marginalized communities. “As a brand, our pivot towards sustainability is grounded not in what we say, but in what we do. At Paramount, our work has defined our branding. Sustainability, community, business, and environment: all of them benefit from our solutions, and so are enshrined in our brand values.” – Neha Rao, Brand Marketing & Communications Manager

Future Food Cast, our in-house podcast began in 2021 to share insights from Food & Beverage industry leaders on challenges facing the industry and the future of food. To further Farm to Plate’s mission to advance all stakeholders in the Food Supply chain, it was important to have a platform where leaders in the field could share challenges, success tips, best practices, and tested ideas for a sustainable tomorrow. Now past its 150th episode, the podcast includes luminaries from companies including Danone, McCain Foods and Coca-Cola speaking on topics such as best practices for ingredient sourcing, the circular food economy and innovative ingredients to advance sustainability.

About Paramount
Paramount Software Solutions is a leading ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Level 3 certified technology firm based out of Alpharetta, GA, USA. Paramount offers comprehensive technology services for CMS, web and mobile development, enterprise software, application development & IT infrastructure services along with emerging technology products integrating AI and blockchain. Paramount was a key participant at the G20 2023 led by its AI-driven disaster risk management platform, InciDyne. Paramount’s carbon credit trading and micro-grid enablement is geared to paving the way for energy sustainability.

Paramount boasts of influential global partnerships in North America and the MENA region with organizations such as the Hyperledger Foundation, the SEED Group, a company of the Royal Family of Dubai, and the Seiyaj Tech Consortium in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Media Contact
Neha Rao, Manager, Brand Marketing & Communications

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First published on Fri, Oct 20, 2023

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