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Orchard Alliance Partners With VSoft & Implements Its ARYA Digital Suite

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Orchard Alliance deploys ARYA, VSoft’s Digital Banking product suite to drive operational efficiencies and support a positive customer experience.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VSoft Corporation, a global leader in providing information and technology solutions for financial institutions, announced today that Orchard Alliance, a partner of DDI, has completed its implementation of the company’s ARYA Digital Banking product suite.

By partnering with VSoft and leveraging the company’s ARYA Digital product suite, Orchard Alliance will further enhance the customer experience while boosting operational efficiencies. VSoft’s ARYA Digital Banking solution allows the Orchard Alliance to offer solutions to its customers and remain competitive. ARYA from VSoft saves time and operational costs while ensuring a positive customer experience.

“Orchard Alliance strives to improve efficiency and the customer experience. This virtue drives many of our initiatives, from our high-impact solution offerings to our IT investments,” said Ted Price, VP of Operations/Finance and CFO. “Our team recognized that VSoft’s technology would help us integrate with financial cores more effortlessly as well as manage our total IT costs as a faith-based financial institution. VSoft delivered a Give-a-grant module which will be highly beneficial to the churches, donors and ministries that we serve. We look forward to a productive partnership together.”

“We are proud to add Orchard Alliance as our newest client and empower their team to continue building strong relationships with their customers,” said Steve Thomas, Vice President of Sales at VSoft Corporation. “From the start, Orchard Alliance has remained dedicated to its customers and delivering the most convenient online experience possible. We look forward to supporting them in this endeavor and fostering their future growth with VSoft’s technology.”

About Orchard Alliance

Orchard Alliance has been part of the Alliance family and mission since 1959. We help the members and ministries of the Alliance do immeasurably more with the financial resources entrusted to their care. Orchard Alliance manages roughly $400 million in assets from our headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

About DDI

DDI is a software leader in the nonprofit financial ministry industry. We have been serving this sector for over 46 years! Our software, DDI-connect, is the fastest growing church extension software on the market today. It is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrated with Microsoft Business Central to truly make it software the whole organization can use, from Sales to the back office.

About VSoft Corporation

VSoft Corporation offers platform-based services for the banking and financial services industry. Its core, payment and digital banking solutions reduce cost and maximize efficiency while providing seamless, real-time, high-volume, and high-performance transactions across multiple channels. The VSoft platform can be delivered in-house, or as an outsourced ASP or SaaS model to best meet the needs of individual financial institutions. VSoft’s services have been trusted by financial institutions worldwide. For more information, please call 678-602-1384, or visit, or follow them on Twitter @VSoft_Corp.


Steve Thomas

First published on Mon, Mar 11, 2024

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