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OpenX Announces Appointment Of Andrew Goode As Vice President, Strategy

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The Havas Media Group veteran brings more than 20 years of digital media experience to the role.

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, today announced the appointment of Andrew Goode as Vice President, Strategy. Goode will be responsible for evolving OpenX’s global buyer development strategy in partnership with Matt Sattel, SVP of Buyer Development.

Additionally, Goode will focus on expanding the organization's buyer development function in both APAC and EMEA. In this role, Goode and his team will act as an innovation layer between buyers and product development, focusing on global buyer development strategy and operations. Goode will report to John Gentry, CEO.

Goode’s background, including his experience leading programmatic and social at Havas Media Group, will enable him to work closely with agency partners and marketers to identify their most pressing needs and deliver solutions that will amplify their existing investments, including first-party data. He will also be responsible for commercial partnership strategies and bespoke partnership agreements with agency teams.

“I’m thrilled to be joining a company with such established commitments to addressability, transparency, and sustainability,” said Goode. “OpenX’s status as the leading innovator on the supply-side makes this a unique and exciting opportunity as the industry prepares for major shifts in programmatic buying.”

Goode brings more than 20 years of global digital media experience to OpenX. Most recently, he founded Goode Media Consulting, where he offered brands strategic consultation, adtech growth solutions, and go-to-market strategies. Prior to that, Goode held senior executive roles at Havas Media Group, leading all biddable functions. He was an early pioneer of ad verification technologies and defining agency supply path optimization (SPO) standards.

“No one knows the agency landscape like Andrew. As a recognized adtech innovator and leader, Andrew will be a tremendous asset to OpenX,” said Gentry. “His experience in innovating and leading some of the industry's foremost agency solutions will make him an instrumental part of OpenX’s future as we continue to deliver differentiated value to agencies and marketers across the globe.”

About OpenX

OpenX is a supply-side platform that is a leader in advertising technology, and is helping to create a world where the open web thrives. The company powers advertising on web, mobile, and connected TV formats, enabling marketers to reach their target audience across OpenX’s global network of publishers. OpenX works with more than 130,000 premium publisher domains and receives more than 300 billion ad requests every day. OpenX is a certified CarbonNeutral® company and is verified for having fulfilled their SBTi Net-Zero targets. Visit the company’s website at


Zoey Larsen

First published on Wed, Oct 25, 2023

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