TechDogs-"Online Pharmacies Save Most Americans $20+ Per OrderAnd Nearly 1 in 3 Are Saving Over $50!"

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Online Pharmacies Save Most Americans $20+ Per OrderAnd Nearly 1 in 3 Are Saving Over $50!

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Software Advice research finds that 84% of adults who take long-term meds save money each time they fill through an online pharmacy, and 94% say the process is faster than at brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Online pharmacies are offering lower prices for medications, speedy delivery and increased accessibility through technological advancements. To better understand how online pharmacies serve patients and medical providers, Software Advice surveyed over 1,450 adults who have used an online pharmacy within the past 12 months. A majority (96%) of adults surveyed say technology has made it easier for them to fill prescriptions and manage their medications.

Online Pharmacies Offer Convenience Through Mobile Technology

Over a quarter of survey participants use phone apps to access their preferred online pharmacy, and 97% of that subset said they were easy to use. Personal apps, especially those with EHR integrations, make it easier for patients to obtain their medications and, in many cases, schedule free, same-day delivery. Beyond ease of use, 94% of patients save time using online pharmacies by avoiding costly commutes and lines (62% save 6-30 minutes).

“The biggest frustrations with in-person pharmacies were also the biggest advantages of online pharmacies: convenience, cost and time savings,” says Lisa Hedges, associate principal medical analyst at Software Advice. “​​By using non-traditional models, like negotiating cheaper medication prices and launching apps for patients, online pharmacies are propelling the industry forward to increase accessibility to medical treatment for all.”

Patients Save Money on Prescriptions When Using Online Pharmacies

Among the 1,187 surveyed adults who take long-term medications, 61% save over $20 when filling through an online pharmacy instead of a traditional one, 22% save between $51-$100, and 10% save a whopping $101-500. Online pharmacies like Cost Plus Drugs bypass medication sales managers and negotiate directly with manufacturers to get wholesale prices, paving the way for more widespread cost cuts as competition heats up.

Amazon Pharmacy, Capsule, and Caremark are Leading the Way

Amazon Pharmacy and Capsule are clear winners when it comes to consumer support—both companies have apps, partner with medical practices, and offer fast delivery. According to Software Advice’s survey, the most used online pharmacies include: Amazon Pharmacy (67%), Capsule (50%), Caremark (43%), OptumRx (39%), Alto (19%), and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (17%).

As online pharmacies gain popularity among patients, medical practices need to consider offering this option when prescribing medication. When choosing EHR/EMR software, practices should check for online pharmacy integration, so doctors can provide more cost-efficient and convenient prescriptions for patients.

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First published on Tue, Aug 16, 2022

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