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Ocra Launches New Future-Proofed Version of Its Centralized Management Platform for Parking Operators

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In response to insatiable demand, Ocra introduces a full bottom-up rebuild of its revolutionary platform for managing rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting across multiple customer demand channels.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Ocra announces Version 2.0 of the industry’s first centralized management platform for parking operators. This new modular version of the platform is a full bottom-up rebuild and the result of insatiable demand from operators for a solution to manage rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting across all of their customer demand channels, all in one place. Version 2.0 is a purely agnostic B2B SaaS platform that is free of tech debt, future-proofed, and paving the way for scalable technology in the parking industry.

Ocra Version 2.0 was reimagined by Ocra’s enhanced leadership and engineering teams through in-depth market research and customer discovery. Through thousands of conversations with parking industry experts, Ocra uncovered a ubiquitous problem: industry fragmentation. Based on their experiences as former event parking operators who faced challenges with managing multiple customer demand channels at scale, Ocra built a minimum viable product to validate not just the problem, but the solution for it. Over the next two years, the Ocra team continued to identify problems and solutions. Version 2.0 is the cumulation of these learnings and built on a solid foundation for scalability, utilizing a cutting-edge tech stack.

The infrastructure of Version 2.0 is modular and flexible and informed by the understanding that the parking industry requires flexibility and connectivity between various technologies that have existed for years. The outcome of this connectivity is parking operators being able to leverage these technologies to the desired outcomes of data monetization, maximum yield, and peak operational efficiency.

“Everything we build at Ocra is thoroughly ideated, tested, and deployed in collaboration with parking operators. We tackle each decision with the question 'What problem are we solving?'” says Ethan Glass, CEO and Co-Founder at Ocra. “However, as we continued to iterate and grow the original platform, we encountered the very best problem possible: there was insatiable demand for our solution and we simply could not scale quick enough to supply for that demand. This helped us make the decision to invest in a full bottom-up rebuild for what we are calling Version 2.0.”

Glass continues: “This rebuild encompasses all that we have learned thus far and has a strong foundation with a very wide base to enable us to build faster integrations and features while providing the ability to iterate at unprecedented speed. This was made possible by raising a round of funding in 2021 and diligently hiring parking technology experts along with seasoned engineers. As the parking industry continues to advance, Ocra will lead the way in data, integrations, and connectivity.”

Ocra’s platform, the first of its kind in the parking industry, enables operators to centrally perform all of the tasks required to market and sell inventory through multiple customer demand channels. Version 2.0 introduces the next generation of solutions for Universal Inventory, One-Click Rate Management, Blackout Control, Consolidated Reporting, and Advanced Permissioning.

Also new in Version 2.0, in response to escalating demand, is Ocra’s API offering for non-parking operators. Technology companies that want to enhance their offerings can take advantage of Ocra’s suite of flexible APIs to embed the entire Ocra platform or specific solutions. Ocra can now send and surface data in any format that a third party requires while empowering them to control Ocra’s features directly within their own technologies.

The Ocra platform is available on a subscription basis for the full suite or through an à la carte model based on client needs. To learn more about Ocra’s platform and recent corporate developments, visit or contact Ethan Glass, CEO & Co-founder, at

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About Ocra

Ocra is the parking industry’s first centralized management platform for parking operators to perform all of their tasks related to selling and marketing their inventory through multiple customer demand channels. With Ocra, parking operators can log into a single centralized platform to manage rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting across infinite demand channels, all in one place. Technology companies can leverage Ocra’s suite of flexible APIs to enhance their offerings with Ocra’s solutions and manage them through their own technologies. Founded in 2018 as ParkPlace, Ocra pivoted from event parking operations to B2B SaaS solutions for parking operators in May 2020. Ocra is a global team headquartered in Los Angeles.


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First published on Fri, Jul 29, 2022

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