TechDogs-"nirvanaHealth surpasses expectations and becomes the first in the industry to implement an integrated Payer & PBM platform in 8 months"

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nirvanaHealth surpasses expectations and becomes the first in the industry to implement an integrated Payer & PBM platform in 8 months

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TechDogs-"nirvanaHealth surpasses expectations and becomes the first in the industry to implement an integrated Payer & PBM platform in 8 months"
SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--nirvanaHealth surpasses expectations and implements payer platform, PBM platform, and associated services for HealthTeam Advantage (“HTA”), a 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan, in a record-breaking eight months. Implementation began mid-April, after announcing their partnership to make HTA the first health plan to integrate their Payer and PBM operations on a single platform, leveraging nirvanaHealth’s Medicare Advantage-in-a-Box and PBM enterprise solution. HTA’s operations will run on Aria, nirvanaHealth’s cloud-native platform that deploys digital workforce across Payer and PBM operations.

nirvanaHealth announced its Medicare Advantage-in-a-box solution in October of last year and caught the attention of Brendan Hodges, the President and CEO of HTA. Wanting to know more about this solution, Hodges reached out for more information. After four months of extensive diligence, HTA was confident about nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform. “There is always risk when choosing new partners and added risk with one who is offering an advanced solution, so we dedicated countless hours for due diligence. We discovered this technology solution and partner was right for HTA,” says Hodges. After HTA’s Board of Directors approved the partnership, the contract was signed on April 7.

In just eight months, the nirvanaHealth team has pleased the HTA team with their speed of implementation. nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform replaces HTA’s dependencies on multiple other disparate systems. “Migrating just one system to another is challenging,” says Hodges, “but to consolidate multiple systems, that’s a difficult task. I’m sure most other health plans can relate.” Although the HTA team never doubted nirvanaHealth’s abilities, they are pleasantly surprised by the agility of the nirvanaHealth team and platform. “Our expectations have been exceeded and the collaboration between the teams is great,” adds Hodges.

nirvanaHealth describes the Aria platform as the one platform a health plan needs to manage their Payer & PBM operations, eliminating multiple systems of external vendors and creating a single point of accountability in the Payer & PBM ecosystem. The Chairman of nirvanaHealth and the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley relates, “Looking at the success of the iPhone, we see that many people depend on it extensively in their personal and professional lives, replacing the need to carry many gadgets for professional, financial, and personal transactions. The iPhone, and other smart phones, have become ubiquitous because of the increased value this single gadget has on our lives. The healthcare industry hasn’t created a unified platform like that quite yet, which is why we are making that a reality at nirvanaHealth with the Aria platform. One platform is all you need.”

Building on the benefits of the Aria platform, the nirvanaHealth CEO, Ravi Ika, adds, “The healthcare industry has long accepted the fact that implementations of even just a single platform module could be messy, time-consuming, and expensive. However, all it takes is the right platform architecture and a competent execution team to change this status quo. Our platform is flexible and completely business user-configurable so that implementations and operations are not only flawless, but also cost-effective for all lines of business.”

“We are excited to showcase HTA and the nirvanaHealth platform to the rest of the industry and demonstrate how nirvanaHealth is a one-stop shop for your Payer and PBM platform needs,” concludes Ika. nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform will be the backbone of all Payer and PBM operations for HTA, helping to recognize significant savings and enhance the user experience across the administrative and care continuum.

About nirvanaHealth

nirvanaHealth is an innovative Payer and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) platform provider that leverages their robotic process automation (RPA) cloud platforms to manage integrated medical, pharmacy and behavioral services that reduce overall administrative, medical, and pharmacy costs and improve overall quality. nirvanaHealth offers the first one-stop-shop, cloud-native Payer and PBM integrated platform in the industry. nirvanaHealth pioneers healthcare automation by uniquely combining deep healthcare domain expertise with proven platform-building experience to deploy RPA using cloud-native architecture across the Payer and PBM industries.

About HTA

Care N’ Care Insurance Company of North Carolina, Inc. (CNC-NC) dba HealthTeam Advantage (HTA) is a health insurance plan founded in 2016 in Greensboro, N.C. HTA offers Medicare Advantage plans to eligible Medicare beneficiaries in certain counties in North Carolina and is committed to the health and well-being of its members and communities. HTA offers medical and prescription drug benefits, dental, vision, hearing, as well as personalized customer service. Learn more at


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First published on Fri, Dec 23, 2022

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